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Press releases

TitleDate ▼
Future Digital Award Winners Announced for Technology and Innovation 201918/09/2019
Online Retail Sales to Exceed $6 Trillion in Physical and Digital Goods by 202417/09/2019
Low Power IoT Service Revenues to Exceed $2.6 Billion by 2024, as Operators Seek New Revenue Streams03/09/2019
Business Losses to Cybercrime Data Breaches to Exceed $5 trillion by 202427/08/2019
Global AI Insurance Premiums to Exceed $20bn by 202413/08/2019
Mobile Digital Identity to be a $7 Billion Opportunity in 2024, as Operators Become ID Brokers12/08/2019
Consumer Robotics Shipments to Reach 74 Million by 2024, as Coding Tools Become Ubiquitous 06/08/2019
Network Operators Additional $120bn from Value Added Services by 202430/07/2019
Voice Assistants Used to Control Smart Homes to Grow by 769%, as Competition from China Increases29/07/2019
M2M Connections to Exceed 1.6 billion by 2024, Driven by Embedded SIM Adoption23/07/2019
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White papers

TitleDate ▼
New Technologies Empowering Seamless eRetail04/09/2019
How to Capitalise on Low Power IoT Technologies27/08/2019
Cybercrime and the Internet of Threats 201912/08/2019
AI in Insurance: Too Costly to Ignore?06/08/2019
Why Evolution is Key to Consumer Robotics' Survival01/08/2019
Mobile Operators ~ Three Opportunities to Future-proof Your Business29/07/2019
What Benefits Does Robotic Process Automation Offer Telecoms?24/07/2019
What Benefits Does Robotic Process Automation Offer Insurers?24/07/2019
Can Robotic Process Automation Offer Better Customer Experience & Lower Costs?10/07/2019
How eSIMs Will Disrupt M2M Business Needs03/07/2019
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