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Press releases

TitleDate ▼
Future Sports Technologies to Boost Sports Broadcasters, Generating $3.4 Billion by 202318/07/2018
IoT, Analytics Packages to Drive $35bn New Revenue Opportunity for Operators 16/07/2018
IoT Security Spend to Reach $6 billion by 2023, Growing 300% from 201811/07/2018
Mobile Voice Revenues to Fall by $157 billion by 2023, As Operators Seek New Income from 5G & AI10/07/2018
Chatbots to Deliver $11bn in Annual Cost Savings for Retail, Banking & Healthcare Sectors by 202303/07/2018
Self-Driving Vehicles to Reach 50 Million by 2026, as Singapore & US Lead Country Readiness Index02/07/2018
Apple Pay Accounts for 1 in 2 OEM Pay Users Globally, Reaching 200 Million by 202027/06/2018
Voice Assistants Used in Smart Homes to Grow 1,000%, Reaching 275 Million by 2023, as Alexa Leads the Way25/06/2018
Mobile Point-of-Sale Devices to Account for Almost 1 in 4 POS Transactions by 202320/06/2018
3 Disruptive Fintech to Watch in 201819/06/2018
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White papers

TitleDate ▼
3 Technologies Set to Revolutionise Sports Content16/07/2018
3 Critical Strategies that will Secure the IoT03/07/2018
How will AI Reinvent Voice03/07/2018
How Chatbots will Transform the Retail Industry02/07/2018
Will Apple Continue to Dominate Contactless Payments?25/06/2018
POS & mPOS Terminals ~ Our Vision For 202319/06/2018
3 Disruptive Fintech to Watch in 201813/06/2018
Which 3 Innovations will Transform Your In-flight Entertainment Experience?12/06/2018
IoT ~ The Internet of Transformation 201805/06/2018
What are the Key Growth Areas in Digital Commerce?04/06/2018
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