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Press releases

TitleDate ▼
Top 10 UK Smart Cities in 2017 Revealed by Juniper Research17/10/2017
AI-Powered Chatbots to Drive Dramatic Cost Savings in Healthcare, Saving $3.6 Billion by 202211/10/2017
Smart Store Technologies to Generate Over $78 billion in Annual Transaction Revenue by 202210/10/2017
Insurtech Set to Disrupt Home Insurance Market, Accounting for 86 Million Policies Issued by 202203/10/2017
Ad Fraud to Cost Advertisers $19 billion in 2018, Representing 9% of Total Digital Advertising Spend26/09/2017
Uber, Lyft, & Other Ride Sharing Services to See Driver Numbers Double, Reaching 8.6 Million by 202225/09/2017
40% of Apple Users to Spurn Facial Recognition, According to Juniper Survey19/09/2017
IBM Ranked No 1 Blockchain Technology Leader18/09/2017
Mobile to Deliver Financial Inclusion to a Third of Those in Developing Nations12/09/2017
Mobile Data Roaming Revenues to Reach $31 billion by 2022, Despite ‘Roam Like at Home’ Trend11/09/2017
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White papers

TitleDate ▼
Top 10 UK Smart Cities - 2017 Leaderboard16/10/2017
How In-Store Retail Technologies Will Change The Way You Shop09/10/2017
Three Technologies that will Change the Future of Insurance02/10/2017
Ad Fraud: How AI will Rescue Your Budget25/09/2017
3 Ways Microfinance is Changing11/09/2017
These AI Startups are Disrupting Healthcare in a Big Way31/08/2017
POS & mPOS Terminals: Our Vision for 202218/08/2017
Top 3 Disruptive Fintech to Watch in 201710/08/2017
How Oculus Killed VR Development & How to Fix It04/08/2017
IoT Roaming: The 4 Challenges Facing Operators31/07/2017
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