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Press releases

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Chinese Players Pursue $3.4 Trillion International Digital Payments Opportunity27/06/2017
Retailers to Lose $71 Billion in Card-not-Present Fraud Over the Next 5 Years20/06/2017
Consumer Connected Car Revenues to near $50bn by 2022, with Half of Vehicles Connected Globally19/06/2017
Smart Toy Sales to Grow Threefold to Exceed $15.5 Billion by 202213/06/2017
Exoskeleton Investment in Military Applications Drives Tenfold Market Growth by 202206/06/2017
Cybercrime to Cost Global Business Over $8 Trillion in the Next 5 Years30/05/2017
Digital Commerce Uptake to Exceed 40% of the Global Population by 202123/05/2017
V2V Capabilities to Feature in Over 50% of Cars Sold by 2022, as Autonomous Vehicles Set to Take Off16/05/2017
Contactless Retail Payments to Exceed $1 Trillion in Transaction Value by 201915/05/2017
Chatbots, a Game Changer for Banking & Healthcare, Saving $8 billion Annually by 202209/05/2017
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White papers

TitleDate ▼
Who will Own the Digital Payments Sector in 2021?23/06/2017
Future Fraud: 3 Key Battlegrounds in 201816/06/2017
The Internet of Toys08/06/2017
Top 3 Exoskeleton Market Trends & What They Mean05/06/2017
Digital Commerce ~ These Two Channels are Dominating Digital Commerce22/05/2017
What Vehicle-to-Vehicle will Actually Mean for OEMs12/05/2017
Chatbots ~ Critical To Businesses: Here’s Why08/05/2017
Maximising the Digital Payment Opportunity 201727/04/2017
Cybercrime & the Internet of Threats 201724/04/2017
MMO Games ~ Massive Money Opportunity13/04/2017
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