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Press releases

TitleDate ▼
M2M Connections to Exceed 1.6 billion by 2024, Driven by Embedded SIM Adoption23/07/2019
Digital Wallet Spend in Europe & North America to Increase by 40% in 2019, Juniper Research Study Finds22/07/2019
Insurers to Spend $634m on Robotic Process Automation by 2024, as Efficiency Gains are Sought16/07/2019
Mobile Money Transfers to Exceed 200 Billion Transactions in 2024, as Domestic P2P Drives Growth15/07/2019
Digital ID Platforms to be used by 5bn people in 2024, as Emerging Economies go Mobile-First09/07/2019
B2B Cross-Border Transactions to Reach 14.8 Billion by 2023, as Blockchain Payment Networks Gain Traction01/07/2019
Mobile Edge Computing Annual Spend to Reach $11.2 billion by 2024, Fuelled by IoT, Start-Ups, AI & Machine Learning Innovation25/06/2019
Digital Ad Spend to Reach $520 billion by 2023, as Amazon Disrupts Google & Facebook Duopoly24/06/2019
Smart Home Automation Revenues to Exceed $57 Million by 2024, Driven by Smart Security18/06/2019
Juniper Research to Sponsor Excellence in Digital Technology Award at the Inspire Business Awards 201914/06/2019
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White papers

TitleDate ▼
Can RPA Offer Better Customer Experience & Lower Costs10/07/2019
Three Trends Accelerating the Growth of Digital Identity01/07/2019
How AI & Machine Learning Are Enhancing Edge Processing20/06/2019
Smart Homes ~ the Rise of Smart Security12/06/2019
Will Digital Wallets Trump Cards & Cash?10/06/2019
Why Blockchain Will Revolutionise Money Transfer05/06/2019
Demystifying Brain Machine Interfaces22/05/2019
The Impact of AI for Digital Advertisers20/05/2019
Are Digital Therapeutics Poison or Tonic for Drug Companies?14/05/2019
The Future of Fintech ~ The New Standard13/05/2019
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