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Press releases

TitleDate ▼
Online Lottery Wagers to More than Double, Reaching $76 Billion by 2022, as Mobile Drives Demand21/03/2018
Digital Transformation & IoT to Drive Cybersecurity Spend to $134 Billion Annually by 202213/03/2018
Brain Machine Interface Hardware Revenues to Reach $19 Billion by 2027 Driven by Medical Applications06/03/2018
Migrant Workers to Transfer $300 Billion via Digital Remittance Channels by 202105/03/2018
Digital Banking Users to Reach 2 Billion This Year, Representing Nearly 40% of Global Adult Population 27/02/2018
Mobile Operators to Generate $9 billion from Carrier Billing by 2022, a Threefold Increase on 201721/02/2018
Unlicenced Low Power M2M Connections to Approach 400 Million by 2022, Threatening Operators’ ROI20/02/2018
eRetail Sales to Pass $3.3 Trillion This Year, up by 10% on 201714/02/2018
Online Gambling Wagers to Surpass $1 Trillion by 2022, Up by 70% on 201713/02/2018
Clothing- & Ear-based Fitness Wearables to Grow by Over 550% in the Next 4 Years as Specialised Devices Find a Place07/02/2018
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White papers

TitleDate ▼
Where Now For Wearables? 13/03/2018
Cybersecurity ~ How can service providers save the bottom line?07/03/2018
Mobile World Congress 201806/03/2018
Unlocking the Power of Brain Machine Interfaces05/03/2018
Futureproofing Digital Banking 201826/02/2018
Maximising Sales Through Carrier Billing19/02/2018
Low Power M2M: Who will Win; Cellular or Unlicenced?19/02/2018
Addressing the Pain Points in eRetail13/02/2018
3 Disruptors to Boost Online Gambling Revenues12/02/2018
Fitness Wearables: 3 Must-Haves to Succeed06/02/2018
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