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Press releases

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Self-Driving Market Becomes a Reality in the US by 2026, As 1 in 4 New Vehicles Sold Becomes Driverless23/05/2018
RCS Messaging Revenues to Reach $9 Billion by 2022, As Operators Capitalise on New Engagement Channels22/05/2018
Smart Home Automation Revenues to Exceed $45 Billion by 2023, as Smart Security Dominates the Market15/05/2018
Enterprise Mixed Reality Applications to Approach 40 Million by 2022, as App Revenues Near $6 Billion14/05/2018
Smart Toy Revenues to Grow by Almost 200% from 2018 to $18 billion by 202308/05/2018
Loot Boxes & In-Game Spend Drive Digital Games Market: Surpassing $160 billion by 202201/05/2018
Digital Therapeutics Adoption to Soar, Treating 130 Million Sufferers of Chronic Conditions by 202324/04/2018
Loot Boxes & Skins Gambling to Generate a $50 Billion Industry by 202217/04/2018
Mixed Reality Apps to Exceed 9 billion by 2022, as Industry aims to Emulate Pokémon Go’s Success10/04/2018
Online Physical Goods Sales to Account for 13% of Retail Market09/04/2018
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White papers

TitleDate ▼
eSports & Let’s Plays ~ 3 Strategies Brands Must Adopt in 201823/05/2018
Why Google is Leading the Self-Driving Market Race?21/05/2018
A2P RCS ~ How to Maximise Revenues16/05/2018
Who is Winning the Race to Smart Home Automation08/05/2018
3 Smart Toy Vendors Racing Ahead in 201802/05/2018
3 Takeaways from the Booming Chinese Digital Games Market30/04/2018
Top 3 Medical Conditions to Benefit from Digital Therapeutics18/04/2018
In-Game Gambling ~ The Next Cash Cow for Publishers11/04/2018
How to Make Money from Mixed Reality09/04/2018
NFC vs QR Codes ~ Which Wallet Wins?28/03/2018
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