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Press releases

TitleDate ▼
Advertising Fraud Losses to Reach $42 Billion in 2019, Driven by Evolving Tactics by Fraudsters21/05/2019
Smart City Traffic Technology Revenues More than Double in Next 4 Years, Reaching $4.4bn by 202320/05/2019
Digital Therapeutics Market to Exceed $32 billion by 2024 Offering Mixed Fortunes for Drug Companies15/05/2019
Fintech Platform Revenues to Reach $638 Billion in 2024, as Innovative Services Become the ‘New Normal’14/05/2019
Chatbot Interactions in Retail to Reach 22 Billion by 2023, as AI Offers Compelling New Engagement Solutions08/05/2019
Pureplay Digital Companies to Process $14 Trillion in B2B Payments by 202301/05/2019
Smart City Street Lighting Innovation to Realise $15 Billion in Energy Savings23/04/2019
Blockchain Cross-border Transactions to Reach over 1.3 Billion by 2023, up from 119 Million in 201916/04/2019
AI Spending by Retailers to Reach $12 Billion by 2023, Driven by the Promise of Improved Margins10/04/2019
Digital Twin Revenues to Reach $13 billion by 2023, Fuelled by AI & Machine Learning Innovation09/04/2019
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White papers

TitleDate ▼
The Impact of AI for Digital Advertisers20/05/2019
Are Digital Therapeutics Poison or Tonic for Drug Companies?14/05/2019
The Future of Fintech ~ The New Standard13/05/2019
B2B Payments Beyond Banking ~ The $14 Trillion Prize29/04/2019
The Future of Lighting & Urban Mobility in Smart Cities17/04/2019
Blockchain in Finance ~ The Good, the Bad & the Ugly10/04/2019
How AI Can Revive Retail09/04/2019
How AI is Transforming Digital Twins02/04/2019
How Netflix and Its Rivals are Fuelling Growth Through Carrier Billing27/03/2019
How Blockchain is Transforming Retail21/03/2019
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