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Press releases

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OTT TV Revenues to Surge, Approaching $120 billion by 202213/12/2017
Smart Audio Hardware Revenues to Exceed $10 Billion by 2022, as Audio Brands Challenge Amazon Echo12/12/2017
Top Ten Tech Predictions for 2018: Juniper Expects Amazon to Win Battle for Sporting Events05/12/2017
NFC Mobile Ticketing Users to Reach 375 Million Users by 2022, Despite a Slow Start04/12/2017
Hearable Devices In-use to Exceed 285M Globally by 2022, Thanks to 3.5mm Jack Retirement01/12/2017
GoCardless Tops Juniper Leaderboard for Fintech: A Sector Worth More Than $220 Billion in 201829/11/2017
Automated SMS Messages to Grow 20% by 2022, exceeding 2.7 trillion, as WhatsApp disrupts the Market21/11/2017
Digital Coupon Redemptions to Surpass $90 billion by 202214/11/2017
Amazon Echo & Google Home to Reside in Over 50% of US Households by 2022, as Multi-Assistant Devices Take Off08/11/2017
Digital Content Revenues to Pass $200 Billion Next Year, Juniper Research Finds07/11/2017
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White papers

TitleDate ▼
OTTs vs TV Networks ~ 3 Winning Strategies11/12/2017
Which Audio Brand Will Challenge Amazon’s Echo in 2018?07/12/2017
Top 10 Tech Trends 2018 - Webinar Slides04/12/2017
Juniper Research's Top 10 Tech Trends For 201804/12/2017
The Future of Fintech ~ Disrupt, Collaborate or Die27/11/2017
Hearable Devices ~ Top 3 Innovations for 201821/11/2017
A2P ~ The Top 3 Challenges in 201820/11/2017
Coupons ~ 3 New Technologies Set to Energise Loyalty13/11/2017
Voice Assistants - The Next Advertising Battleground07/11/2017
TV Networks to Lose Sporting Rights to Amazon and Facebook03/11/2017
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