Online Market Research Services

Juniper Research provides insight, analysis, and market forecasting for the mobile, online and digital sectors. Our research enables our clients to better understand their current and potential markets, providing invaluable strategic guidance and competitive advantage.



Our Research Offering

We offer four main services:

  1. Pay-as-you-go research - Quick and convenient, our pay-as-you-go service enables you to purchase just the research you need straight from the ResearchStore page.

  2. Corporate subscriptions – This is the most cost-effective way of gaining access to a larger number of research pieces. You can subscribe by topic or stream, or alternatively our customer service team can tailor a package just for your needs. Contact Client Services.

  3. Tailored research & consultancy – If you have specific research requirements or would like to dig a little deeper into a selected market, we are here to help. Contact the Consultancy Team.

  4. harvest - All of our data, continually updated, on one market intelligence platform with a clean, user-friendly interface. Find out more about harvest.

What Can You Expect from Juniper Research?

  • In-depth original research.
  • Invaluable market data – comprehensive datasets for all the key digital growth sectors.
  • Incisive competitive analysis – identifying today’s disruptors and tomorrow’s leaders. Who are the movers and shakers in a sector, and who is setting the agenda.
  • Clarity of thought – Clear and unambiguous research, analysis, findings and recommendations.


All our research now comes with an enterprise-wide licence included, so it can be used throughout your organisation or placed on your company’s intranet.


Our new research format has been designed to ease navigation and communicate the key findings in a much more digestible way... and is much easier on the eye.

Each topic is now delivered across a number of formats:

  pdf icon - juniper research XLS icon - juniper research harvest database icon
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Market Trends & Strategies  diagram_dot.jpg    
Market Data & Forecasting diagram_dot.jpg diagram_dot.jpg  
harvest Intelligence Platform     diagram_dot.jpg


Strategy & Competition

These reports examine the strategic issues, market drivers and constraints. They map out the key developments, trends and disruptions in the sector and highlight the key movers and shakers - the people influencing the sector. 

Data & Forecasting

We hold an up-to-date database of over 1.3 million datapoints measuring key metrics across the mobile, online, payments and technology sectors. From this, we offer interactive Excel datasets  enabling users to perform What-if Analysis and sector comparisons, as well as a detailed explanation of the assumptions and the key numbers.


All of our report data can be accessed via harvest, our online market intelligence platform. Instead of endless tables and raw data, harvest presents our data in a user-friendly system that allows you to export any of the charts, graphs or tables from data reports that are contuously updated.

Actionable Intelligence

Our research reports and forecast models are designed to provide real value to the reader with key recommendations, courses of action and alerts.

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White Papers Included Included Included Included
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Analyst Express Blog Included Included Included Included
Video Discussions & Webinars Included Included Included Included
Market & Trend Analysis   Included Included Included
Competitor Leaderboard   Included* Included* Included*
Competitive Landscape   Included Included Included
Business Models & Strategic Recommendations   Included Included Included
Data & Forecasts on Market Sector, Split by Country & Region   Included Included Included
Interactive Scenario Forecasting Tools   Included Included Included
Analyst Email Support   Included Included Included
Continuous Data Updates     Included Included
Access to Harvest, Our Data Intelligence Platform     Included Included
Weekly Insights Report     Included Included
Analyst Telephone Support       Included
Dedicated Account Manager       Included
Discounted Research       Included
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