Smart Cities & IoT Innovation

Our world is becoming increasingly connected. Smart traffic systems and smart energy grids utilise IoT connections to deliver service efficiencies powered by new 5G networks, and Juniper Research have been analysing these markets for over 15 years.

Nominations are now open - enter by 27th May 2022 to be considered by our judges. There is no fee for entry.


Judges' Choice

Our Judges' Choice category is not open to nominations - the winners of these categories are hand-picked by our Judges Panel and represent the very best of the best in their category.

• Juniper Research Award for Urban Technology Leadership
• Juniper Research – Pathway to Net Zero Award
• IoT Mover & Shaker Award

This category is not open for nominations

IoT Innovation

Our IoT Innovation awards honour the leading players in the IoT, Edge Computing and IoT Network markets, across the following categories:

• Best IoT Security Platform
• Most Innovative Edge Computing Solution
• Best IoT Device Management Platform
• Smart Agriculture Solution Innovation
• eSim Innovation of the Year
• Private Cellular Network Innovation

Each category will have a Platinum and Gold winner.


Sustainability & Smart City Innovation

Our Sustainability & Smart City Innovation awards honour the leading players in the Smart Traffic, Smart Utilities, MaaS and Smart Infrastructure sectors across the following categories:

• Best Smart Traffic Management Solution
• Best Smart Parking Solution  
• Innovation in Smart Urban Lighting
• Urban Smart Grid Innovation
• Best MaaS Platform
• Best Urban EV Charging Solution
• Most Innovative Urban Sustainability Project
• Carbon Reduction Innovation of the Year

Each category will have a Platinum and Gold winner.


Evaluation process

Entries are initially assessed by a Juniper Research analyst panel, which then draws up a shortlist of potential winners based on a number of criteria, including:

  • Product Innovation
  • Features and Benefits
  • Product Partnerships
  • Certification & Compliance
  • Future Business Prospects

These shortlists are then assessed and scored according to a rigorous set of criteria and verified by our team of experts. At the end of this process, final winners are agreed upon and confirmed by our Juniper Research judging panel.

Previous Future Digital Award Winners

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Awards History

Juniper Research Award for Outstanding Achievement in Technology

Winner -,

Highly Recommended - ,

Technology Mover & Shaker Award

Winner - Sid Kouider, NextMind Founder & CEO

Highly Recommended - ,

In-Vehicle Solution

Winner - Continental, Transparent Hood

Highly Recommended - Jaguar Land Rover & Blackberry,

Telematics Solution

Winner - Harman, Harman

Highly Recommended - Mitsubishi, Mitsubishi Road Assist+

Innovative Digital Therapeutics Product

Winner -,

Highly Recommended - Am Mindfulness,

Smart Healthcare Device of the Year

Winner - OrCam, Hear

Highly Recommended - H2CARE, H2-BP

IoT Security Innovation of the Year

Winner - RedSeal, Cyber Terrain Analytics Platform

Highly Recommended - ARM, Kigen iSIM & Pelion Connectivity Management

Next Generation Enterprise Firewall Solution

Winner - Sophos, XG Firewall

Highly Recommended - Fortinet,

Edge Computing Solution

Winner - ZTE, Simplified Common Edge Solution

Highly Recommended - IBM,

Consumer Robotics Innovation of the Year

Winner - Elephant Robotics, MarsCat

Highly Recommended - pibo,

Industrial Robotics Innovation of the Year

Winner - Alio Industries, Angulares Hybrid Hexapod

Highly Recommended - KUKA,

Citizen Engagement Solution

Winner - Gluu Life, Gluu Life

Highly Recommended - Maptionnaire, Community Engagement Hub

Smart City Innovation of the Year

Winner - Thales, Cinterion IoT Suite

Highly Recommended - Kerlink & PilotThings, Things as a Network

Smart City Platform

Winner - SkedGo, SkedGo

Highly Recommended - iBonus, True Mobile Transit Ticketing

Consumer Wearable Device of the Year

Winner - Xplora, Xplora

Highly Recommended - LG U+, 5G VR

Enterprise Wearable Device of the Year

Winner - Nodle, M1 Smart Wearable

Highly Recommended - Estimote, Contact Tracing

Immersive Technology Innovation of the Year

Winner - NextMind, NextMind

Highly Recommended - Estimote, Contact Tracing

Smart Energy Innovation

Winner - Wi-Charge, R1

Highly Recommended - Kaluza, Flexibility Platform

Smart Home Innovation

Winner - ComputArte, ComputArte

Highly Recommended - Dizmo,