Bespoke Market Research Consulting Services

We have a strong track record of providing reliable and credible support to our clients. Whether it be on an ongoing basis or on a project by project, you can trust that Juniper Research will get the job done.

Research & Consulting on Demand

Juniper Research offers a flexible consulting and research service; working closely with clients to find the right solution for their needs. We work on a wide variety of projects, and are always pleased to discuss a potential new project with clients old and new.

Popular bespoke research & consulting services


Offer a powerful medium to effectively communicate a client’s message, generate enquiries and promote brand recognition. We regularly produce bespoke whitepapers for clients looking to combine market intelligence and analysis with brand promotion.

Juniper Research offers full support for whitepaper campaigns, from research and analysis through to PR, email and social promotion.

Recent bespoke whitepapers 

  • Vodafone: The Future of Travel Mobility
  • Galileo: B2B Embedded Finance Market Snapshot
  • Credi2: White-Label Buy Now Pay Later




Are a great tool for gathering unique insights into specific markets and groups of people. We work closely with clients to fulfil their objectives, from survey design through to analysis and interpretation. Furthermore, we assist in producing final documents and presentations for use internally or externally. Our recent work includes a survey on in-flight connectivity.

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Have proven to be an effective way for clients to communicate with their target audience – either internally or externally. Our recent work in this area includes presentations on Blockchain, Digital Banking, International Remittance, Mobile Payments in China, Contactless Payments and Carrier Billing.

Bespoke forecasts

Offer clients the opportunity to obtain their own set of highly tailored market forecasts. Recent commissions have focused on: Wearable Devices, Online Payment Fraud and A2P Messaging.

Benefit from the same bespoke research services as these major players. 

Our clients represent many of the world’s leading players and trailblazing innovators. They use Juniper Research to quickly acquire industry knowledge and insight - ultimately gaining competitive advantage within their respective sectors.


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