Key Team Members

Juniper Research isn't just about data and research - it's also about our people, from our team of expert Analysts, to our experienced Sales and Marketing teams, our people work hard to provide you with our latest research, reports and findings.

Meet our key team members below.
Adam Wears Team Photo

Adam Wears

Research Analyst

Author of Juniper Research reports on Healthcare and the IoT. Adam has over 5 years' experience writing for some of the leading online websites and blogs.

He loves travelling, writing about history, and spending an unhealthy amount of time on social media.

Andrew Knighton Team Photo

Andrew Knighton

Associate Analyst

An experienced researcher and writer, Andrew has over 10 years' experience across the industrial and digital industries.

He holds post-graduate qualifications in history, teaching, and social science.

Carlie Cohen Team Photo

Carlie Cohen

Assistant Marketing Manager

Responsible for maintaining Juniper Research's online report catalogue, as well as proofreading and serving as executive assistant to our CEO. Carlie has over 25 years' experience as a copywriter, working for some of the biggest brands and businesses in the UK.

She is a proud dance mum, and has a passion for all things sparkly.

Chris Phillips Team Photo

Chris Phillips

Head of Marketing & Development

Responsible for all of Juniper Research's website and marketing operations, as well as ongoing upgrades and development roadmaps. Chris has over 10 years' experience in digital marketing working for leading UK retailers, supermarkets and FMCG brands.

He is a passionate connoisseur of thrash, death and industrial metal music.

David Newland Team Photo

David Newland

Founder, Point & Pixel Creative, Ltd.

Part of the team at Point & Pixel Creative, supplying digital design services to Juniper Research including website, including printed and digital collateral. David has over 15 years' experience in design, producing work for small startups and global enterprises.

Growing up he had the nickname ‘Pie’ and to this day is still called Pie by a lot of friends and family.

Elson Sutanto Team Photo

Elson Sutanto

Principal Analyst

Author of Juniper Research reports on IoT, smart cities and industrial technologies, as well as being a regular speaker and moderator at tech events and conferences worldwide. Elson has over 10 years' experience as an analyst working across the telco, technology and digital industries.

He is a lover of 80’s action films and still dreams of a starring role.

Hazel Saunders Team Photo

Hazel Saunders

Data Admin & Marketing Assistant

Responsible for keeping Juniper Research's online data platform, harvest, up to date with the latest data and helping to maintain our website content. Hazel holds a degree in Ancient History from the Royal Holloway University of London.

She is a lover of pasta and prosecco nights, and a proud dog mum of a crazy beagle.

Nicholas Hunt Team Photo

Nicholas Hunt

Associate Analyst

Author of Juniper Research reports on the Video Streaming, Video Game and Smart Phone markets. Nicholas has over 10 years' experience working for various research and publishing companies in the UK and North America.

He loves travel and film, and is a long-suffering Plymouth Argyle fan.

Nick Mardell Team Photo

Nick Mardell

Market Development Manager

Responsible for client relations and managing the development of Juniper Research's financial markets products and services. Nick has over 15 years' experience in sales and account management across the leisure, telco and IT industries.

He once scored 3 goals at the original Wembley stadium.

Nick Maynard Team Photo

Nick Maynard

Lead Analyst

Juniper Research's resident expert on fintech, payments and financial markets and responsible for co-ordinating our publication plans. Nick has over 6 years' experience working in the market research and utility sectors.
He is a passionate gamer, football fan and whiskey drinker.

Sam Barker Team Photo

Sam Barker

Lead Analyst

Juniper Research's resident expert on the telco, IoT and digital media markets. Sam has over 6 years' experience working across the telco and technology sectors.

He is the funniest member of the team.

Scarlett Woodford Team Photo

Scarlett Woodford

Senior Analyst

Author of Juniper Research reports on AI and messaging services. Scarlett has over 3 years' experience across the automotive and financial industries.

She is a fan of Stephen King and fondly refers to her car as Pumpkin.

Tony Crabtree Team Photo

Tony Crabtree

Founder & CEO

Managing Juniper Research, Tony draws on his previous experience as an Analyst, Consulting Manager and in the distant past, Marketing Manager. He has a passion for all things ‘tech’ and has an eye for ‘what's next’ in the industry.

He is a father of four boys, and a patient fan of West Ham United Football Club.

Tracey May Team Photo

Tracey May

Financial Accounts Manager

Responsible for managing Juniper Research's financial accounts and affairs, including payroll, invoicing and settlements. Tracey has over 30 years' experience in accounting.

She enjoys watching her son play cricket, and binging episodes of Homeland on Netflix.

Valeria Pinasco Team Photo

Valeria Pinasco

Publishing & Marketing Executive

Responsible for proofreading, editorial, report formatting and website content. Valeria has over 3 years' experience in the publishing industry working for a variety of publishing houses.

She considers food to be her language of love, and firmly believes that raccoons are her spirit animal.