Market Intelligence Subscription Packages

Why Subscribe?

Reduced costs

Reduced Costs

Our subscription packages are the most efficient use of your budget. Access for the whole team, analyst support and quarterly updates.

Optimise Your Budget

Expert Support

Expert Support

Clients have direct access to our expert analyst team. Whether you wish to discuss an existing research piece or find more information in a research area.

Enhanced Insights

No Seat Restrictions

No Seat Restrictions

Our service is not restricted by seat licence. Once subscribed, our research becomes available to you and all employees in your company.

Company-wide Access

Breadth and Depth

In-depth Coverage

From detailed research reports to a highly granular database comprising over 3 million datapoints, Juniper Research offers all you need for real market insight.

Get the Full Picture

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Trusted by the World's Leading Brands

Our reputation as a leading research house providing quality data and analysis is proven through the long-standing relationships we have built with some of the world's most recognisable brands.

How to Subscribe

Subscribe by Industry

Our senior research team has hand-picked the most informative and valuable reports for each of the industries listed below. Each industry subscription type allows an extra 4 research reports to be added for maximum flexibility.

Industry Subscription

Subscribing by industry is a great choice for anyone with a narrow focus in a key area. Benefit by having access to 12 months of updates to your key content areas, analyst time and reduced consultancy rates.

Select a sector below to learn more about our industry-specific research subscription packages.


Mobile Roaming
Mobile Roaming
Telco service providers
Telco Service Providers
Banks and Finanical institutions
Banks & Financial Services
Card Providers
Card Providers
Payment Service Providers
Payment Service Providers
Security & Identity

Subscribe by Content Stream

Subscribing by content stream will provide you with access to all the report content listed in that stream for 12 months and analyst support. This subscription is ideal for teams with a wide focus on a particular vertical market.

All Access

An All Access account provides you with access to all Juniper Research reports for a 12-month period, including strategy and competition, and data and forecasts reports, Juniper Research Insights and quarterly updates for Fintech & Payments research. Subscribers also benefit from monthly analyst time and reduced consultancy rates.

Single-stream Subscription

A Single-stream Subscription provides you with access to the same Juniper Research content as described above, but only for a single content stream.

Multi-stream Subscription

A Multi-stream Subscription provides all the features of a Single-stream Subscription but over 2 or more content streams.

Multi-stream subscription

Need Something Custom-Made?

Need something outside our pre-defined packages? No problem; we can tailor a precise package to meet your needs.

Build my package
If you would like to become a subscriber, would like further details or a sample of our research, then please contact our subscription team on
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