Roaming Market Intelligence Centre 

Discover a 360° view of the roaming market with the industry's most comprehensive research subscription offering, including:

  • Highly granular data and forecasts: Over 160,000 statistics covering the future of the roaming market, including total roaming connections, traffic, and revenue; all split by 60 countries and 8 key regions.

  • Industry insight and analysis: Strategic assessment and recommendations on the biggest trends within 6 key roaming sectors.  

  • Analyst support: Pose questions to our expert roaming analysts, request bespoke forecasts, and discuss new market opportunities.   ​

Subscribe to the Roaming Market Intelligence Centre today and start identifying potential industry prospects, making smarter business decisions, and unlocking advantage through intelligence.





Get clarity and insight with our
comprehensive roaming portfolio

We pride ourselves on our long-standing coverage of the roaming market; which, over the last two decades, has undergone a radical transformation with the advent of new technological advancements, changing consumer demands, and regulatory interventions and competitive pressures.
Our roaming research portfolio reflects this history; providing in-depth coverage of the biggest areas within roaming - all delivered by expert analysts who are well-versed in the dynamics, technologies, and key players within the roaming market.

Your subscription includes...

        5G Roaming Strategies
        Data & Financial Clearing
        IoT Roaming Strategies
        Retail Roaming
        Roaming Fraud (Coming Q2 2023)
        Wholesale Roaming (Coming Q2 2023)





Unleash your competitive advantage with access to 160,000+ market statistics

We give the clearest and most in-depth view of your opportunities through extensive market forecasts for key industry metrics such as total roaming connections, traffic, and revenue; covering 60 countries and 8 key regions.

This data is provided in a variety of user-friendly formats, including interactive Excel spreadsheets and our highly accessible data platform, harvest — where you can also find quarterly forecast updates that account for the latest market developments.


Get vision and foresight with strategic assessment and competitor analysis

Subscribers to the Roaming Market Intelligence Centre enjoy strategic assessment and recommendations on the most significant trends and challenges within the roaming industry; alongside easily digestible analysis and actionable insights that can deliver your business objectives.

You'll also benefit from in-depth competitor analysis that offers meaningful comparison of 30+ major roaming vendors; enabling you to view your relative position, gain an appreciation of market dynamics, and compare against rival suppliers.


Benefit from the same market-leading intelligence as the industry's biggest players

By subscribing, you'll get access to the same resources as the world’s leading operators and roaming vendors. This client base, nurtured over two decades, encompasses both established markets such as North America and Europe, as well as rapidly growing economies such as Africa and Latin America.

All these companies, including T-Mobile, Syniverse, and Vodafone, trust us to deliver the industry knowledge and insight necessary to understand their markets; and ultimately, the means to take the lead over their competition.

Your advantage through our intelligence

Juniper Research’s Roaming Market Intelligence Centre is the most efficient use of your organisation’s budget; delivering industry-leading market research at an unbeatable price, alongside benefits including:

  • Enterprise-wide licencing as standard, so our research can be used throughout your organisation or placed on your company network.
  • Expert analyst support, whether you wish to discuss our research, request bespoke forecasts, and discuss new market opportunities. 
  • Regularly updated forecasts that account for the latest market developments; meaning that you can trust our data to represent today, not last year.

Contact us today to discuss your market intelligence requirements, or how we can support you with bespoke content and custom campaigns to our audience of technology professionals.
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