Roaming Market Intelligence Centre 

Juniper Research's Roaming Market Intelligence Centre delivers the most comprehensive set of research tools available for the telecommunications industry today; providing clarity and insight into a market that we anticipate will be worth over $30bn by 2027.

What sets us apart from the competition?

  • We're the foremost experts in the global roaming market, with 20+ years' experience providing go-to-market strategies and opportunity appraisal.

  • Our analysts are the most knowledgeable about today's roaming market, having a deep understanding of its dynamics, technology, and key players.

  • We provide competitive advantage to the world's leading operators, including Vodafone and Orange, who trust our unparalleled expertise.



Our clients represent many of the world’s leading players and trailblazing innovators. They use Juniper Research to quickly acquire industry knowledge and insight – ultimately gaining competitive advantage within their respective sectors.


Market-leading Research,
for Market-leading Innovators

The Roaming Market Intelligence Centre delivers the clearest and deepest view of the roaming market; enabling you to recognise today’s shifting markets and seize tomorrow’s opportunities.
  • Strategic assessment of the biggest trends and challenges within roaming, alongside easily digestible analysis and actionable insights.
  • Competitor analysis that provides in-depth analysis and positioning of 30+  innovative roaming vendors via the Juniper Research Competitor Leaderboard.
  • Thorough coverage of the biggest roaming sectors, while new reports covering the latest innovations and trends are released regularly; meaning you'll never be left behind.

Key Coverage Areas

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5G Roaming Strategies
Data & Financial Clearing IoT Roaming Strategies Retail Roaming
                                          whitepaper cover image whitepaper cover image                                          
Roaming Fraud
Wholesale Roaming

Your Only Source for Roaming Data

The Roaming Market Intelligence Centre delivers comprehensive 5-year forecasts that give you valuable insight across the roaming landscape, while our data interrogation tools allow you to understand the impact of the latest industry developments.
  • 160,000+ market statistics, covering 60 countries and 8 key regions, for metrics including total roaming connections, data roaming traffic, and roaming revenue.
  • Interactive datasets that allow you to quickly pull together the segment or regional information you’re looking for – or even alter the data, assess your projections, and try out different scenarios.
  • Intuitive online platform that enables you to view and download the latest forecasts for key roaming sectors, complete with exportable charts and tables for use in your own presentations and reports.

Get unparalleled insights into the roaming sectors that matter to you.

Juniper Research’s Roaming Market Intelligence Centre is the most efficient use of any organisation’s budget; delivering industry-leading market research, enterprise-wide licencing, expert support, and quarterly forecast updates, at an unbeatable price.


Our team includes expert analysts, experienced account managers and creative marketers – all ready to support you. Contact us today to discuss your market intelligence requirements, or how we can help support your marketing strategy with bespoke content and custom campaigns to our audience of thousands of technology professionals.

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