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Retail Shines a Beacon

POSTED BY Lauren Foye
In the mobile & online coupons space there is a pronounced trend from brands and retailers to offer coupons which are based around location-aware delivery mechanisms, be it NFC (Near Field Communication), Wi-Fi or GPS.

VR: Finally Coming of Age

POSTED BY James Moar
In the short term we expect to see significant uptake in mobile based VR and a corresponding drive in content production. High-end VR technology will expand quickly but in slower numbers relative to mobile VR, largely because of price. However, the overall increasing user uptake and accessibility of VR is expected to help push diversification of the market, particularly into advertising and eCommerce opportunities, as well as the technological advancements from this enabling growth in enterprise markets and applications. 

AR: Not Just Fun and Games as Enterprise AR Set to Rise

POSTED BY Damian Kennedy
Since the release of Pokémon Go in July 2016, there has been a rising interest in the technology. Whilst meeting and managing consumer expectations of AR’s (Augmented Reality’s) capabilities is a significant challenge, consumers have begun to understand current applications of AR.

Saviour for Networks: Internet Subscription to Cable & ‘Skinny Bundles’

POSTED BY Lauren Foye

Juniper's recent research into the digital TV & video industry has discovered that TV networks are further expanding into online video, through new models and means of content delivery.


Smarter Street Lighting

POSTED BY Steffen Sorrell
Street lighting is undoubtedly one of the pain points for cities, and it comes at a high price. Traditional lighting fixtures, using HPS (high pressure sodium) or LPS (low pressure sodium) lamps are inefficient, produce an unpleasant colour cast while simultaneously containing chemicals toxic to the environment.

Contactless Payments Consumer Insights: US

POSTED BY Nitin Bhas
Our latest survey ‘Consumer Attitudes to Mobile Banking & Contactless Payments: US’ provides unique insights into consumer usage and attitudes, together with indications for the future adoption of services.

Mobile Banking Consumer Insights: UK

POSTED BY Nitin Bhas
Our latest survey ‘Consumer Attitudes to Mobile Banking & Contactless Payments: UK’ provides unique insights into consumer usage and attitudes, together with indications for the future adoption of services.

Uber, Lyft & Other Ride Sharing Services to See Revenues Double

POSTED BY Lauren Foye
Juniper’s latest research, Sharing Economy: Opportunities, Impacts, and Disruptors 2016-2020, found that shared transport platforms, who typically take just 20% of driver earnings, will see revenues grow from an estimated $3.3 billion in 2015, to $6.5 billion by 2020.

Ushering in the Era of Digital Health

POSTED BY Sam Barker
Juniper’s latest research into Digital Health has found that ageing populations mean more home-based care is needed. The corresponding digital health deliverable systems allow medical adherence or remote patient monitoring. Unhealthy lifestyles lead both to the increase in chronic diseases, but also create a need for targeted information and education.

Whither Smartwatches? Apple Brings Presence, but Not Direction

POSTED BY James Moar
The launch and relative success of the Apple Watch has set a clear benchmark for the upper end of the smartwatch market in terms of functionality, but didn’t bring much that was new to the market. Other releases throughout 2015 generally expanded the devices’ aesthetics, rather than redefining their capabilities. Several vendors have released smartwatches that are much more limited compared to those released by the large mobile players.
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