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SMS: Simplicity Means Success

Within the business messaging market, a heavy emphasis is placed on the importance of rich media content. Rapid digitalisation places pressure on enterprises to establish an omnichannel presence across all messaging channels or lose customers. Within this fragmented market, one can be mistaken for focusing solely on the future of OTT (Over the Top) messaging applications and RCS (Rich Communication Services). However, the value of SMS within the business messaging market must not be understated, given the channel’s impressive open rates and unrivalled subscriber reach.
In this exclusive whitepaper by the messaging experts at Juniper Research, you’ll discover:

  • The strategic ways MNOs are deploying SMS to maximise their return on investment
  • The factors driving the popularity of business messaging over RCS and OTT business messaging channels
  • How rapid fluctuations in SMS pricing have led to a growth in the prevalence of fraud across this channel
  • The technologies directly threatening the revenue generated from SMS use cases
  • How SMS will prevail in the future of business messaging