Marketplace Tech - The future of phone use is group chat and messaging

Messaging is the future of smartphones. We’re not talking plain old texting, but apps like WhatsApp and Apple’s iMessage that let you send videos, group chat, see when someone is typing and send GIFs and animations. China’s WeChat is the ultimate messaging dream. It lets users do all of that and shop, make payments or order food delivery. That’s what Facebook wants to become with its new plan to combine all its messaging platforms. But most people are still just texting, and that technology needs an upgrade.

One possibility is RCS, rich communication services, which would bring fancy chat features to the texting app on everyone’s phone. Host Molly Wood talked with Sam Barker, a lead analyst following mobile at Juniper Research. He said we might still use WhatsApp or iMessage to chat with friends, but RCS is a huge business opportunity.

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