The new Competitor Leaderboard report provides a visual representation of the competitive positioning of the leaders within a particular market sector. It enables stakeholders to view their relative position within the market, and compare themselves against rival suppliers; gaining an appreciation of the market dynamics and how Juniper Research ranks and scores leading players.

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What's Included in the Report?


  • Leaderboard visual, with vendors scored and ranked
  • Heatmap, comparing vendor capabilities, product strength and capacity
  • Vendor profiles, examining market reach, strengths and future opportunities
  • Key takeaways, providing insight and focus for the analysis


How does my company get selected, and what’s your approach?
Using in-house databases, desk research and direct contact with the vendors themselves, Juniper Research selects the companies to be included in the analysis. Each vendor is then thoroughly researched and analysed from a competitive perspective, and finally scored according to our established methodology. This produces the Heatmap comparison tool and the Competitive Leaderboard itself. It is a tried and tested approach and produces an independent and reliable tool for market appraisal.

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Purchasing Options


  • In-house Use – Each report is available to purchase directly from the Juniper Research website - for internal use within your organisation.
  • Reprints – Reprint rights enable you to share the Leaderboard, and your success within the wider market. Please contact us for more details.
  • Exclusive Licencing – This option provides you with exclusivity over the marketing of the Leaderboard. Whilst it will still be able to be purchased online by others (for internal use), only you will have the right to make it public and exploit its marketing potential. These opportunities are rare so please contact us early in the process.
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Sample survey reports

Juniper Research regularly publishes new Leaderboard products for a variety of key digital technology sectors, including:

  • Fintech & Payments
  • Telecommunications & Mobile Network Operators
  • Consumer Devices & Technologies
  • Industrial Technologies
  • IoT & Smart Cities
  • Automotive & Transportation


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