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VR Data Usage in 2021

A new report from Juniper Research, Virtual Reality Markets: Hardware, Content & Accessories 2017-2022, forecasts that wireless VR headsets (smartphone-based and standalone) data consumption will grow by over 650% over the next 4 years, from nearly 2,800PB (Petabytes) in 2017 to over 21,000PB in 2021:
  • The vast majority of this consumption will come from smartphone VR devices, which has implications for the integrity of the mobile data networks. While we expect most streamed VR to be consumed over Wi-Fi, the cellular networks will also need to provide extra capacity to handle additional data consumption.
  • While tethered VR connected to PCs and consoles is generally higher resolution (and therefore has a higher average Mbps requirement) than smartphone VR, the installed base of these devices will be relatively small. As a result, we do not expect these headsets to generate more than 26% of the total data streamed by VR in 2021.
This infographic shows the forecast data usage from VR in 2021.

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VR Data Usage in 2021