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Smart Toys: Market Summary 2017

Juniper’s new research, Smart Toys: Hardware, Technology & Leading Vendors 2017-2022, identified the Lego Group as being particularly well positioned in this category, with their successful ‘toys to life’ range, Lego Dimension. Juniper forecasts that 224 million smart toys will be shipped worldwide in 2017.

With the heavily documented emergence of the IoT (Internet of Things), toys have increasingly been seen as a potential area where connectivity and existing toy types can be merged to innovate appealing new devices, referred to as connected or ‘smart toys’.

Nevertheless, the ‘smart toys’ industry is undoubtedly still in its early stages of development. The Sphero BB8 App-Enabled Droid released in 2015 can be considered one of the only toys in this area which has achieved broad consumer appeal outside the ‘toys to life’ segment.

This infographic shows the total connected toy revenue and shipments in 2017, along with other key statistics. 


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