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The Quiet Invasion of Consumer Robots

Juniper Research defines a consumer robot as an autonomous, mobile electromechanical machine, capable of being programmed and re-programmed, that is used in the home or has non-commercial applications. It should be able to perceive its environment to some extent and react to it.

While we await the arrival of our sentient humanoid overlords there's a quiet uprising happening right now in our own homes.

Suffice to say that the level of technolocial advancement required for the kind of "Westworld" style robots is far from commercialisation. Nevertheless, the consumer robotics market, having lagged behind the industrial sector for many years, is reaching a turning point where these machines are beginning to find widespread use in the home. 

Our consumer robotics research identifies the most popular consumer robotics sectors by shipment numbers and outlines the revenues and growth potential. Download our whitepaper 'Consumer Robotics ~ From Housekeeper to Friend' for greater insight. 


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