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Future Digital Awards


Winners Announced for Future Digital Awards for Commerce & Fintech 2017

Application deadline: August 22nd 2017

Every year Juniper Research identifies organisations that have made outstanding contributions to their industry, and who are positioned to make a significant impact in the future.

Our awards currently cover two key sectors:FDA-Purple.jpg

  • Commerce & Fintech: Digital Banking, Digital Coupon, Money Transfer & Remittance, Mobile Payments, Ticketing, Fintech  -
    covering both online and mobile platforms.
  • Technology & Innovation: Smart Wearables, Smart Homes, Digital Health, Automotive & Telematics, Emerging & Disruptive Technologies,covering both online and mobile platforms.  
The awards are decided by a panel of expert judges based on a number of criteria, including: Product features and user benefits; Innovation; Commercial partnerships; Commercial launches; Certification and compliance; Potential future business development.


The winners of the Future Digital Awards for Commerce & Fintech 2017 are as follows:

Digital Banking – Best System Solution
  • Winner – Temenos RetailSuite retail banking solution
    • ​Highly Commended –Infosys Finacle Mobile Teller Solution
Digital Banking – Best Consumer Offering
  • Winner – DBS digiBank 
    • Highly Commended – Monzo
Money Transfer & Remittance – Best Solution, Mobile
  • Winner – HomeSend (eServGlobal, Mastercard, & BICS joint venture)
    • Highly Commended – Currencycloud
Mobile Payments – Best Contactless Technology/Solution
  • Winner – Infosys Finacle Mobile Payments Offering 
    • Highly Commended – Giesecke & Devrient Convego Air and Wearable Enablement Platform
Mobile Payments – Best Consumer Offering
  • Winner – Paytm
    • Highly Commended – Mahindra Comviva EcoCash
Ticketing – Best Solution
  • Winner – Rambus HCE Ticket Wallet Service & HCE Ticketing App
    • Highly Commended – Wizway Solutions

Fintech - Best Fintech Innovation
  • Winner – Adyen Adyen Payment Platform
    • Highly Commended – Kreditech Monedo

AI & Automation in Fintech - Best Solution/Platform
  • Winner – Kasisto KAI Banking
    • Highly Commended – Zest Finance Zest Automated Machine Learning (ZAML)

Blockchain - Best Solution/Platform
  • Winner – IBM IBM Blockchain
    • Highly Commended – Microsoft Project Bletchley

Quotes from the Winners

Rambus Takes Ticketing Solution Prize
"Rambus is delighted to be recognised for our innovative HCE based ticketing solution." said Russell McCullagh, Managing Director of the Rambus Ticketing Group. "Winning the Future Digital Award for Best Ticketing Solution from Juniper Research is a powerful endorsement of this industry first solution.”

Infosys Finacle Claims Mobile Contactless Solution Award
“This award is a testimony of our ability to deliver market leading digital banking solutions globally,” said Rajashekara V. Maiya, Head of Product Strategy, Infosys Finacle. “Digitization is transforming every facet of banking. At Infosys Finacle, we deliver a comprehensive suite of digital banking and payments solutions to help banks consistently innovate and stay ahead of the curve.” 

Kasisto Wins Inaugural AI & Automation Prize
"Kasisto is honoured that our conversational AI platform, KAI Banking, is this year's winner of the AI and Automation in Fintech: Best Solution / Platform," said Dror Oren, Chief Product Officer and Co-Founder, Kasisto. "It's been a spectacular year for us working with financial institutions such as DBS Bank, Mastercard, and Wells Fargo, to name a few. Together, we are creating entirely new banking experiences that engage customers and deliver business results."


The winners of the Future Digital Awards for Technology & Innovation 2017 are as follows:

Smart Wearables – Best Consumer Product
  • Winner – Willow Willow Pump
    • Highly Commended – LVL LVL Hydration Monitor

Smart Wearables – Best Platform/Technology
  • Winner – Valencell-STMicroeletronics SensorTile
    • Highly Commended – Lumo Motion Science Platform

Smart Homes – Best Consumer Product
  • Winner – Cujo LLC Cujo
    • Highly Commended – Security Drone

Smart Homes – Best Platform/Technology/Service Offering
  • Winner – Amazon Alexa
    • Highly Commended – Samsung SmartThings

Digital Health – Best Consumer Product
  • Winner – DIABNEXT Clipsulin
    • Highly Commended – Healthimation WhyWAIT
Digital Health – Best Platform/Technology
  • Winner – Practo Health Practo
    • Highly Commended – Reflexion Health VERA

Automotive & Telematics – Best Consumer Product
  • Winner – Tesla Tesla Autopilot 2
    • Highly Commended – BlackBerry QNX SDP 7.0

Automotive & Telematics – Best Technology/Service Offering
  • Winner – IBM Watson IoT for Automotive
    • Highly Commended – Daimler smart ready to drop

Best Emerging & Disruptive Consumer Product
  • Winner – LEGO Boost
    • Highly Commended – Merge Holo Cube

Best Emerging & Disruptive Consumer Technology/Platform
  • Winner – Welltok CaféWell
    • Highly Commended – Facebook Messenger Platform

Quotes from the Winners

Cujo collects Best Smart Home Consumer Product Award
“We at CUJO are honoured to be recognised by Juniper Research”, said Einaras Gravrock, Founder, CUJO IoT Security. “This award validates our vision to provide AI-powered internet security for home users. It also furthers our mission to educate consumers about the growing threats of IoT hacking and personal cybersecurity.”

DIABNEXT takes Best Digital Health Consumer Product Prize
“DIABNEXT is honoured and thrilled that our CLIPSULIN product is this year’s winner of the Best Digital Health Consumer Product”, said Sam Chen, Director, USA & Canada, DIABNEXT. “We are proud to be recognised by such a highly-regarded organization as Juniper Research. Our interactive diabetes management solution, with a built-in AI assistant, will bring convenience and peace-of-mind to the diabetes community for the first time ever.

Valencell & STMicroelectronics triumph as Best Smart Wearable Platform or Technology
“Valencell is delighted to be honoured for our innovations in clinically validated wearable optical sensing technology and a biometric roadmap that the marketplace can truly believe in”, said Dr Steven LeBoeuf, President & Co-Founder, Valencell Inc.

"The Juniper Research Best Smart Wearable Platform/Technology award is a powerful endorsement of the value of Valencell's Benchmark solution and the exceptional accuracy of ST's MEMS sensor technology integrated into SensorTile,” said Tony Keirouz, Vice President Marketing and Applications, Microcontrollers, Security, and Internet of Things, STMicroelectronics. “We combined SensorTile and Benchmark to enable wearable makers to quickly and easily develop the perfect product for any application that integrates highly accurate biometrics and this award confirms our achievement."




Recent Winners

Category: Digital Banking 2017 - Best System Solution
Stream: Fintech & Payments
Winner: Temenos


Also highly commended in this space was EdgeVerve
Judges' comments: Temenos Core Banking solution is modular and enables easy integration with existing systems allowing for progressive upgrades. Temenos continues to innovate by offering a highly competitive and agile retail banking platform solution, innovations which are augmented further by the continued development of its product suite.
Category: Digital Banking 2017 - Best Consumer Offering
Stream: Fintech & Payments
Winner: digiBank


Also highly commended in this space was Monzo
Judges' comments: The first mobile-only bank to launch in India, DBS-owned digiBank delivers cutting edge technological innovations to its customers ranging from biometrics to AI-enabled virtual assistants. The company has acquired 1.5 million new users in India via its e-wallet and digiSavings solution, and is currently expanding across other emerging markets.
Category: Money Transfer & Remittance 2017 - Best Solution
Stream: Fintech & Payments
Winner: HomeSend


Also highly commended in this space was Currencycloud
Judges' comments: HomeSend, a joint-venture by Mastercard, BICS, and eServGlobal, won the award for its industry leading end-to-end digital payments hub, enabling cross-border money transfer between mobile wallets, cards, bank accounts or cash outlets. HomeSend is well positioned to provide commercial advantages to both consumers and service providers, via a cost effective and low-risk approach.
Category: Mobile Payments 2017 - Best Contactless Technology/Solution
Stream: Fintech & Payments
Winner: EdgeVerve (Finacle)

EdgeVerve (Finacle)

Also highly commended in this space was G&D
Judges' comments: EdgeVerve continues to maintain its leading position in technology innovation in Digital Commerce and Fintech. EdgeVerve won this award for its Proximity Pay Edge Solution and Sound-based Contactless Payments technology in partnership with ToneTag. The company has substantial expertise in digital innovation and transformation of service providers in the financial industry. We were really impressed with ToneTag’s technology, which leverages sound wave based technology to enable contactless and cashless payments through any device.
Category: Mobile Payments 2017 - Best Consumer Offering
Stream: Fintech & Payments
Winner: Paytm


Also highly commended in this space was Mahindra Comviva
Judges' comments: India’s mobile payments marketplace is booming in large part because Patym has developed and deployed an easy to use, easy to fund service which encourages and enables mCommerce. It has proved immensely popular – it has now achieved over 180 million registered users – while transaction volumes have soared.
Category: Ticketing 2017 - Best Ticketing Solution
Stream: Fintech & Payments
Winner: Rambus


Also highly commended in this space was Wizway Solutions
Judges' comments: Rambus won the Ticketing award for its complete end-to-end HCE Ticketing solution addressing all commercial needs for transit operators ranging from the back office to the consumer app. Rambus’ solutions including its HCE Ticketing App, a configurable mobile ticketing application, and its HCE Ticket Wallet, an out-of-the-box solution for transit operators, scored highly in terms of product features and innovation.
Category: Fintech 2017 - Best Fintech Innovation
Stream: Fintech & Payments
Winner: Adyen


Also highly commended in this space was Kreditech
Judges' comments: In payments, the ability to enable payments anywhere, anytime is increasingly critical. Adyen’s end-to-end service streamlines the payments process for merchants, obviating any need for third party involvement. Meanwhile, its RevenueAccelerate tool suite has the potential to become a key mechanism in reducing card rejection rates and improving efficiencies. The company has become a major disruptive force in the payments sphere.
Category: AI & Automation in Fintech 2017 - Best Solution/Platform
Stream: Fintech & Payments
Winner: Kasisto


Also highly commended in this space was Zest Finance
Judges' comments: Kasisto won the award for its KAI Banking solution, a self-learning conversational AI platform with a deep inherent financial knowledge. KAI, offered as a customisable and easy to integrate out-of-the-box solution, is set to become one of the greatest game changers in the fintech industry. Kasisto scores highly not just for technology innovation, but also for its future prospects amongst banks.
Category: Blockchain 2017 - Best Solution/Platform
Stream: Fintech & Payments
Winner: IBM


Also highly commended in this space was Microsoft
Judges' comments: When we asked enterprises that were either considering deploying or were in the process of deploying blockchain which company they believed to be the market leader in the blockchain space, one company stood out from the field: IBM. IBM was a highly innovative early mover in the blockchain space, while its product range is extensive and enables deployment across an array of key verticals.
Category: Automotive & Telematics 2017 - Best Consumer Product
Stream: Technology & Innovation
Winner: Tesla - Tesla Autopilot 2

Tesla - Tesla Autopilot 2

Also highly commended in this space was BlackBerry - QNX SDP 7.0
Judges' comments: Tesla’s ‘V2’ of its Autopilot software represents the world’s first commercially-available Level 4 autonomous vehicle solution, and is a significant step up from its previous iteration. Highlighting a requirement for progress on the legislative front, the company’s efforts currently provide the benchmark for others to set a goal towards.
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