The future for personal drones

POSTED BY Windsor Holden
This week Juniper published a new research on Civilian UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) – Drones: Consumer & Commercial Applications, Regulations & Opportunities 2015-2020.

Our research found that reduced component cost, increased competition and a greater number of consumer use cases means that around 4 million consumer drones will be shipped annually this year.

Consumer Segment Leads Civilian Drones Market

Juniper estimated that the vast majority of drones sold in 2014 were for the consumer/prosumer sector, owing to the current availability of these types of drones in the market from analysis of the largest vendors’ portfolios.

In general, products from the major vendors are targeted at consumers but it is difficult to determine their ultimate use as many are well equipped enough to be used in a commercial environment, are of a relatively high price and packed with requisite technology.


Privacy Issues & Legislation

The research also highlighted the growing concerns around drones’ potential invasion of privacy, with fears that UAVs could be used for activities including snooping, spying and stalking and criminal surveillance of property.  

This is a massive problem for the industry as it struggles to strike a balance between regulating the use of consumer drones to ensure public safety and privacy, while encouraging growth in the sector.

To combat any use of a UAV that impinges on public safety, the issue is how they are to be best policed and monitored in the consumer market, as it is not as easily regulated and purchases are not tracked with the same rigour as those in the commercial sector. Our drones research discusses this and other regulatory implications in detail.