Huawei P8 and B2 Talkband Review

POSTED BY James Moar
The P8 is a very good quality piece of Android hardware, which sells itself well as a premium media consumption device. It doesn’t have too much to offer to tempt you away from other premium Android devices, as the unique features aren’t particularly useful and the sound quality may not be something that is used too much (headphones render it moot). The default app layout is helpful to heavy Google users, but presents alternatives too.

In terms of overall performance, the phone handles medium levels of media and gaming use well. It may need a little more micromanagement to make heavy use comfortable and not overheat, but should cope. The battery life is still not longer than a day, but given an overnight charge it’s generally not a problem.

The P8 can match the performance of most flagships out there, but without the brand prestige. There may be some small elements that may dissatisfy regular users of flagship phones, but these are minimal and may serve to attract new buyers at the price tag of under $600. These are however going to have to be sold through MNOs in Huawei’s target markets of Western Europe and North America, as impulse buys at this price without a high level of brand equity are not common.

The B2 is a definite step up from its predecessor in terms of aesthetics, as well as offering a neat phone-free calling solution. However, the algorithms could use some work to improve the accuracy of the fitness tracking, potentially also with a step back to allow (but not rely on) the user to manually set exercise periods. The connectivity with the app could also use some work, although manual syncing isn’t too much bother it could become so over time.

You can read the full review in a whitepaper available for download here.