5G: Investments & IoT Opportunities

POSTED BY Sam Barker
Juniper anticipates that the introduction of 5G services will take a somewhat different path to the implementation of 4G and the subsequent updates to protocols. As a result, Juniper believes that operators cannot rely on previous methods of implementing 4G networks.

The data-centric mobile world will become increasingly interconnected, leading to a range of opportunities at the infrastructure, device and component levels. 5G will power connected devices, appliances, vehicles and critical developments in smart homes and cities. The impact of the IoT will be far‑reaching, built through the widespread deployment of sensors in everyday items. 5G networks, when deployed, will need to be scalable and intelligently efficient to support the next many billions of connected devices.

​Infographic: 5G Operator Billed Revenue

Juniper anticipates that increased investment from governmental bodies will be needed to encourage the development of these networks, with the exception of North America, where no official funding has been announced. Juniper would further caution that although the spectrum auction payments may be spread over several years, they can be a substantial investment that will take several years to recoup, particularly bearing in mind that at the outset only a comparatively small number of connections will be 5G enabled. Furthermore, spectrum auction are an on-going activity, with refarming of spectrum certain to occur with the shut-down of legacy networks.

Our latest research into the development of 5G technologies, 5G Market Strategies: Consumer & Enterprise Opportunities & Forecasts 2017-2025, explores key 5G IoT opportunities and where demand for 5G-enabled services will arise. Additionally, it includes analysis on market investment and how operators can maximise their returns on investment and critical new 5G-enabling technologies.