April 2017


Beyond Contactless Retail Payments: New Services Emerge in the UK

POSTED BY Nitin Bhas
Given the digital adoption in markets such as the UK, there is great opportunity for the charity sector to utilise contactless payments and digitise transactions.

MasterCard Case Study

POSTED BY Vanessa Price
Juniper interviewed Christophe Zehnacker, Head of Strategic Digital Partnerships, Mastercard, in March 2017.
Zehnacker confirmed that Mastercard has seen astonishing growth in contactless payments: ‘Driven by our mandate to enable all POS terminals in Europe to be contactless capable by 2020, we have made great progress over the past 12-24 months, especially in Europe. In 2015, we passed the 1 billion transaction mark for European Mastercard transactions processed by our network; we are in the range of several billions for 2016.’