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IoT Roaming
OverviewJuniper’s research into the IoT Roaming market provides expert analysis for market stakeholders in preparing for the exponential increase of IoT devices. It addresses the challenges that need to be addressed to evolve IoT roaming services into mass usage.

The research evaluates alternative approaches to launching roaming services for IoT devices, including pricing, business models and legislation. It includes market trends and the future outlook for stakeholders, alongside vendor analysis and Leaderboard positioning for IoT network vendors.

Key Features

  • Juniper Leaderboard & Vendor Analysis: Key player capability and capacity assessment, together with Juniper’s Leaderboard vendor positioning, evaluating the following companies:
    • Arkessa
    • Cisco Jasper
    • KnowRoaming
    • M2M Intelligence
    • M2M Security SIMs
    • Mobileum
    • Starhome Mach
    • Stream Technologies
    • Syniverse
    • Telis
    • UROS
    • Wireless Logic
  • Market Landscape Analysis: An assessment of market sub-segments, allied with an evaluation of business models and measures that stakeholders must consider. Key areas assessed include:
    • Permanent Roaming
    • Device Discovery
    • Network Architecture
    • IoT Roaming Security
    • The Embedded SIM
  • EU Legislation Analysis: In-depth analysis of EU regulatory impact on mobile roaming adoption, usage and revenue.
  • Wireless IoT Network Analysis: Analysis of the roaming capabilities of wireless technologies including NB-IoT, Sigfox and LoRaWAN

Key Questions

  1. How can roaming vendors capitalise on IoT roaming?
  2. What is the current state of IoT roaming regulations?
  3. What strategies need to be implemented to ensure IoT roaming viability?
  4. What challenges do operators face in the IoT roaming market?
  5. What legislative changes need to be addressed to advance the market?

Companies Referenced

Interviewed: KnowRoaming, Syniverse,
Profiled: Arkessa, Cisco Jasper, KnowRoaming, M2M Intelligence, M2M Security SIMs, Mobileum, Starhome MACH, Stream Technologies, Syniverse, Telit, UROS, Wireless Logic.
Case Studied: LoRa Alliance.
Mentioned: 3GPP (3rd Generation Partnership Project), Actility, Apple, Audax, BEREC (Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications), CrossBridge Solutions, Dell, EE, Ericsson, Facebook, Gemalto, GlobalConnect, Google, GSMA, GTE, HERE, HP, Huawei, iBasis, Inmarsat, Intel, JT (Jersey Telecom), KPN, Manx Telecom, Motorola, Navman Wireless OEM Solutions, Netflix, O2, Rogers Wireless, Sagemcom, Sierra Wireless, Telefonica, Telna, Vodafone.

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IoT Roaming: Future Business Models & Vendor Analysis

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Juniper Research’s analysis of the IoT Roaming market provides a must-read evaluation of this new opportunity. The research provides an analysis of market challenges and Juniper’s assessment of the opportunities therein. These are aligned with analysis of future opportunities and strategies to ensure the viability of IoT roaming services.

The research suite is delivered in PDF format and includes:
  1. Trends & Challenges. An assessment of key market trends and challenges, including permanent roaming, device discovery, network architecture and security, allied with an examination of new EU roaming legislation.
  2. Business Models. An evaluation of future operator business models and pricing strategies in the IoT roaming market.
  3. Competitor Positioning. An in-depth analysis of 12 IoT roaming network vendors aligned with a heatmap-based assessment and Juniper Leaderboard. We include factors such as a vendor’s experience in the roaming sector, breadth of network technologies used, IoT segment coverage and network tools. It provides a clear understanding of the players currently leading the IoT roaming market and provides commentary on opportunities available in the market.
IoT roaming vendors included:
  1. Arkessa
  2. Cisco Jasper
  3. KnowRoaming
  4. M2M Intelligence
  5. M2M Security SIMs
  6. Mobileum
  7. Starhome Mach
  8. Stream Technologies
  9. Syniverse
  10. Telis
  11. UROS
  12. Wireless Logic
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