OverviewJuniper’s Cybersecurity Mitigation Strategies research provides a comprehensive analysis of required cybersecurity strategies for service providers, framed in the context of concepts such as digital transformation, open banking APIs, the IoT (Internet of Things) and all-IP mobile networks.

Readers will understand how to successfully layer their networks to mitigate against inevitable breaches, helping to protect the bottom line.
The analysis covers key industry service provider markets, including:
  • Financial Services
  • Mobile Network Operators
  • Enterprise & IoT

Key Features

  • Core Strategic Analysis: Examination of key strategies for high-risk networks, including:
    • Security by Design
    • Lifecycle Management
    • Network Segmentation
    • Digital Certificates
  • Sector Dynamics: Analysis of emerging threats and strategic recommendations for service providers in key markets:
    • Financial Services
    • Mobile Network Operators
    • Enterprise & IoT
  • Juniper Leaderboard: Analysis and assessment for 13 leading cybersecurity solution vendors
  • Benchmark industry forecasts: market segment forecasts for cybersecurity, including:
    • Cybercrime Breach Volume
    • Cybersecurity Spend

Key Questions

  1. How will digital transformation, open banking and the Internet of Things impact cybersecurity requirements for service providers?
  2. How can the weaknesses in LTE be addressed in preparation for 5G?
  3. How can service providers minimise the attack surface and level of risk they are exposed to?
  4. How are cybercriminals adapting to new defensive measures, and how can this be mitigated against?
  5. What is the anticipated size of the cybersecurity solution market?

Companies Referenced

Profiled: Barracuda, Carbon Black, CipherCloud, DarkTrace, FireEye, Forcepoint, IBM, Indegy, Netwrix, Qualys, Symantec Endpoint Protection Mobile (Formerly Skycure), Tanium, Webroot.
Case Studied: Crossword, CyberArk, Indegy, Positive Technologies.
Mentioned: Accenture, Amazon, Anicut, Apple, Aspediens, Associated Press, AT&T, Avancial, Belden, BH Global, BlackBerry, BT, CIS (Center for Internet Security), Cisco, Citigroup, Citrix, CloudFlare, CloudUP Networks, CMS Distribution, Coca-Cola, Cognizant Technology Solutions, Comodo, Concept Searching, Conosco, Cyberflow Analytics, Deloitte, Deutsche Telekom, Dyn, Endgame, Ericsson, FireEye, Forbes, Fujitsu, Google, HCL, Hewlett-Packard, Infosys, Intel, Intronis, iSight Partners, Juniper Networks, Mandiant, Metro Bank, Microsoft, NATO, Netwatcher, Nevis Networks, NTT, Open Banking Implementation Entity, Optiv, Palo Alto Networks, Peugeot, Proofpoint, Prudential, PwC, Raytheon, RedOwl, Resilient Systems, Samsung, SAP, Securecast, SecureWorks, ServiceNow, SignNow, Skyfence, Splunk, Stuxnet, Tata Communications, Telstra, Tenable Network Security, Three, Toyota, Verizon, Virgin Media, Visa, VMWare, Wipro, ZScaler.

Data & Interactive Forecast

Juniper’s Cybersecurity Mitigation Strategies forecast suite includes:
  • Forecast splits for:
    • Cybercrime breach volume
    • Cybersecurity software solution spend
  • Regional splits for 8 key global regions
  • Access to the full set of forecast data of 2 tables and 108 datapoints.
Juniper Research’s highly granular interactive Excels enable clients to compare select markets side by side in customised charts and tables. IFxls greatly increase clients’ ability to both understand a particular market and to integrate their own views into the model.

Cybersecurity Research Report


Full Research Suite

Cybersecurity full research suite comprises:

  • Cybersecurity PDF report
  • Interactive Forecast IFXL spreadsheet
  • 12 months' access to Cybersecurity data updates in harvest

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Mar 2018




Report PDF & Excel

Cybersecurity report and forecasts only, comprising:

  • Cybersecurity PDF report
  • Interactive Forecast IFXL spreadsheet

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Mar 2018




Research Details

Juniper Research
Steffen Sorrell
Telco Service Providers
8 Key Regions - includes North America, Latin America, West Europe, Central & East Europe, Far East & China, Indian Subcontinent, Rest of Asia Pacific and Africa & Middle East