Report Overview

Juniper Research’s latest Retail Roaming research provides a comprehensive assessment of the retail roaming market and travel mobility solutions. It includes strategic recommendations for roaming providers and network operators, as well as comprehensive 5-year forecasts for roaming traffic and revenue for operator revenue from roaming activities. In addition, it features a regional analysis and an evaluation of each of the operator solutions that comprise roaming services, including:
  • Data
  • SMS
  • Voice
This research suite includes:
  • Market Trends & Strategies (PDF)
  • Competitor Leaderboard (PDF)
  • Market Data & Forecasting (PDF)
  • 12 Months’ Access to harvest Online Data Platform
Key Market Statistics - Retail Roaming
Market size in 2022: $10bn
Market size in 2027: $19bn
2023 to 2027 Growth: 98%
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Key Features

  • Market Outlook: An assessment of key market trends, drivers and pain points that are anticipated to impact the growth of the retail roaming market, including:
    • 5G Roaming
    • Consumer Devices
    • COVID-19
    • International Travel
    • RLAH (Roam Like at Home)
    • Roaming Voice Services
  • Juniper Research Competitor Leaderboard: Key player capability and capacity assessment of 15 leading roaming vendors that provide operators with retail roaming capabilities, including:
    • A1 Telekom Austria Group
    • Ailleron
    • BICS
    • Cellusys
    • Comfone
    • CSG
    • iBASIS
    • Mobileum
    • PCCW Global
    • Roamability
    • Syniverse
    • Tata Communications
    • Telefónica
    • Telna
    • TOMIA
  • Regional Roaming Market Analysis: A comprehensive regional market assessment of the potential for retail roaming adoption across 8 key global regions, including:
    • North America
    • Latin America
    • West Europe
    • Central & East Europe
    • Far East & China
    • Indian Subcontinent
    • Rest of Asia Pacific
    • Africa & Middle East
  • 5-year Market Forecasts: A suite of comprehensive data and forecasts for retail roaming activities such as traffic and revenue for operators across roaming services including data, SMS and voice. Market forecasts are provided for the following key regions and countries:
    • North America:
      • Canada, US
    • Latin America:
      • Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay
    • West Europe:
      • Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK
    • Central & East Europe:
      • Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine
    • Far East & China:
      • China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea
    • Indian Subcontinent:
      • Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan
    • Rest of Asia Pacific:
      • Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
  • Africa & Middle East:
    • Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Kenya, Kuwait, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates

Key Questions Answered

  1. What emerging solutions will disrupt established retail roaming services used by mobile subscribers?
  2. How can operators capitalise on the return of international travel to pre-pandemic levels?
  3. What will the value of the retail roaming market be by 2027?
  4. What are the key opportunities that roaming vendors can capitalise on for future growth?
  5. Which roaming vendors are leading the market in 2023?

Companies Referenced

Interviewed: CSG, Roamability, TNS.
Included in Juniper Research Competitor Leaderboard: A1 Telekom Austria Group, Amplitiv, BICS, Cellusys, Comfone, CSG, iBASIS, Mobileum, Roamability, Syniverse, Tata Communications, Telefónica, Telna, TNS, TOMIA.
Mentioned: acens, ADVAM, AGNITY, Air France-KLM, Airtel Africa, AiRXOS, ALD Automotive, ALDI, Alias Robotics, Alibaba Group, Altice, Altostratus, Amazon, AMD, América Móvil, Annecto, Arbor for Security, Arelion, Artificial Solutions, AT&T, ATCSC, Atrebo, Audi, Banco de Alimentos Madrid, BBVA, BE-terna, BIX (Bahrain Internet Exchange), Bouygues Telecom, C Spire, CAF, Caja Rural De Asturias, Calypso Canada, Cancom UK&I, CBTS (Cincinnati Bell IT Services Division), Celcom, CenturyLink, Cequint, CETIN, Charter, Charter Communications, China Unicom, Cisco, Comcast, Connect2Roam, CR20, CrowdStrike, CyberArk, Darwin, De Tune, Dell, Developing Solutions, Digitanimal, DISH, DRVR, Dufry, Ecoembes, EcoPetrol, emitel, Enterprise Ireland, Epic, Equinix Metal, Ericsson, Eseye, ESSAR, Evolved Intelligence, Exatel, Éxxita Be Circular, Fastweb, Ferrovial, First Orion, Formula 1, Fortinet, General Motors, Geprom, German Bionic, Gestamp, Global Omnium, Globitel, GMS, Goodjob, Google, Google Cloud, Grupo Álava, HAVAS, HDFC, Highways England, Hitachi, Hiya, Horisen, HP, Hutchison Indonesia, Imaginarium, Inditex, Infobip, Inmarsat, Inteliquent, IOT (Pty) Ltd, KIOSK Information Systems, Koch Equity Development, KPN, KT Corporation, Link Solutions, Loterías Y Apuestas Del Estado, Lumine Group, M1 Limited, Mada, Maplewave, Maxis, Mediacom, Meizu, Meliá Hotels International, MEO, Mercedes-Benz, Microsoft, MMD Mobility, Mobileum, Mobily, Mobius, MOBtexting, Mphasis, MTC Namibia, MTN, MultiMedia Polska, Navantia, Nayar Systems, NEC, Netia, NetXpress, Neustar, Nordic, NOS, NOVA, NTT Docomo, O2, Oasis, Omate, OpSiSe, Oracle, Orange, P4 (Iliad Group), Panasonic, Partitionware, PCCW Global, Pfizer, Plivo, Polkomtel, Polygon, Positive Technologies, Proximus Group, Qanawat, QRoam , Qrypt, QSI payment, Quside, R2G Services, Repsol, Ribbon, Roamingwise, RoamSmart, Roamsysnext, RoamsysNext, Robi Axiata, Rogers, Rohde & Schwarz, SAMA, Samsung, Santander, Sateliot, Senseware, SFR, Showmac, Siemens, Sigos, Simfony, Síminn, Siris Capital Group LLC, Sky, Sparkle, Squire Technologies, Starhome, Starhub, stc, Sunrise, TalkTalk, TCl, TDC, Tele2 Group, Telekom Slovenije, Telenor, Telia Company, Telstra, TGS, Thales, The Royal Spanish Athletics Federation, Three, TIM, TM (Telekom Malaysia Berhad), Twilio, Umlaut, Unilever, Union Wireless, UPC, US Cellular, Vale, Verisign Comms Group, Verizon, Viesgo, Vietnamobile, Virgin Mobile, Vivo, Vodafone, VoerEir, Volaris Group, Walleye, WeDo Technologies, Xiaomi, Xintec, Yettel, Zoom, ZTE.

Data & Interactive Forecast

Juniper Research’s forecast suite for the Retail Roaming market provides unrivalled industry benchmark data and forecasts, including splits for:
  • Total Outbound Mobile Roaming Subscribers, split by:
    • 4G Subscribers
    • 5G Subscribers
  • Total Outbound Roaming Subscribers Using Data
  • Total Outbound Mobile Roaming Revenue, split by:
    • 4G Roamers
    • 5G Roamers
  • Retail Roaming Revenue, split by
    • Data
    • SMS
    • Voice
Geographical splits: 60 countries
Number of tables: Over 45 tables
Number of datapoints: Over 20,000 datapoints

harvest: Our online data platform, harvest, contains the very latest market data and is updated throughout the year. This is a fully featured platform enabling clients to better understand key data trends and manipulate charts and tables; overlaying different forecasts within the one chart - using the comparison tool. Empower your business with our market intelligence centre, and receive alerts whenever your data is updated.

Interactive Excels (IFxl): Our IFxl tool enables clients to manipulate both forecast data and charts, within an Excel environment, to test their own assumptions using the interactive scenario tool and compare selected markets side by side in customised charts and tables. IFxls greatly increase a client’s ability to both understand a particular market and to integrate their own views into the model.

Forecast Summary

The value of the retail roaming market will reach $19 billion by 2027 globally; a substantial increase from $10 billion in 2022. This growth of 98% in revenue will be driven by both an increase in the number of 5G roaming subscribers across key international travel corridors between North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, and data generated by these new 5G connections whilst roaming internationally.

This increase in roaming data will be attributable to new devices, such as cellular-enabled laptops, wearables and tablets. This growth will necessitate increased operator reliance on roaming vendors to manage the ever-growing complexity of roaming ecosystems.
  • Juniper Research has assessed the leading vendors that enable operators’ retail roaming activities. We have evaluated these vendors on criteria including depth and breadth of roaming partnerships, service and product offerings, and solution innovation. It ranked the top 3 vendors as follows:
  1. Mobileum
  2. Tata Communications
  3. Syniverse
  • Juniper Research has ranked Mobileum as the leading roaming vendor; scoring highly on the completeness of its roaming solutions, including comprehensive services enabling both VoLTE (Voice over LTE) and 5G roaming for operators. In addition, we commend Mobileum’s overall strength in offering key value-added services over its roaming platforms, including roaming security and risk assessment solutions that protect operators’ roaming activity from fraud.
  • International travel will return to pre-pandemic levels by 2024. In turn, we urge roaming vendors to provide solutions that enable operators to create novel roaming services, such as real-time self-management platforms protecting subscribers from data overuse whilst roaming. By providing these solutions, operators will be able to reduce the number of silent roamers and thus maximise roaming revenue from international travel.

Full Research Suite


Full Research Suite

  • Competitor leaderboard report (pdf)
  • Market trends & strategies report (pdf)
  • Market data, forecasts and analysis report (pdf)
  • Market data, forecasts and interactivity (xls)
  • harvest market data platform (12 months’ online access)  - find out more

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Research Details

Juniper Research
Rosie O'Connor
Operators & Providers
8 Key Regions - includes North America, Latin America, West Europe, Central & East Europe, Far East & China, Indian Subcontinent, Rest of Asia Pacific and Africa & Middle East
Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, South Korea, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, UK, Uruguay, USA, Vietnam