Report Overview

Juniper Research’s latest eSports & Games Streaming research provides the most comprehensive and progressive analysis of this expanding market available today.

It enables industry stakeholders to understand key market disruptions and discover the leading players shaping sector growth; accompanied by an in-depth market sizing and forecast analysis. The report covers two key areas:

  • eSports: Streaming of live events often involving professional eSports players
  • Games Streaming: Streaming of events, either live or pre-recorded for casual viewers

This research suite includes:

  • Market Trends & Opportunities (PDF)
  • 5-year Deep Dive Data & Forecasting (PDF)
  • 12 months' Access to harvest Online Data Platform
Key Market Statistics
Market size in 2021: $2.1bn
Market size in 2025: $3.6bn
2021 to 2025 CAGR: 14.59%

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Key Features

  • eSports Development & Trend Analysis: An evaluation of the burgeoning eSports market, including an assessment of the various games models and a regional assessment of key countries and regions.
  • Games Streaming Development & Trend Analysis: An evaluation of the games streaming market, including an assessment of the various games models and a regional assessment of key countries and regions.
  • Vendor Strategy Analysis: Juniper Research’s study of key monetisation models and strategies for growth for leading vendors across the market, including:
    • EA (Electronic Arts)
    • Epic Games
    • Facebook
    • Riot Games
    • Roblox Corporation
    • Twitch
    • YouTube
  • Benchmark Industry Forecasts: Provided for eSports and Games Streaming; quantifying advertising spend and user-generated revenue through channels such as subscription and donations. These forecasts cover 19 country-level splits, including:
    • Australia
    • Brazil
    • Canada
    • China
    • Denmark
    • France
    • Germany
    • India
    • Japan
    • Mexico
    • Netherlands
    • Norway
    • Portugal
    • Saudi Arabia
    • South Korea
    • Spain
    • Sweden
    • UK
    • US

Key Questions Answered

  1. What is the size of the eSports industry in terms of market value?
  2. What are the key drivers for online games content streaming, and how can these be capitalised on in the future?
  3. How has the eSports and games streaming market evolved over the past year, and are there any new monetisation opportunities?
  4. What strategies are the leading vendors implementing?
  5. Which geographical regions house the greatest future opportunities in the eSports market?

Companies Referenced

Included in Vendor Analysis: Activision Blizzard, EA (Electronic Arts), Epic Games, Facebook, Riot Games, Roblox, Twitch, YouTube.
Mentioned: 4Elements eSports, AC Milan, Activision Blizzard, AfreecaTV, AGM, Amazon, BCC, BoomTV, British Basketball Federation, British eSports Association, Burberry, Comcast Spectacor, Discord, Douyu, Eleague, Enthusiast Gaming, ESPN, Esports One, FIFA, Gamer’s Club, GameSeta, Gazprom, German Football Association, Gillette, Hulu, Huya, IMG College, Immortals Gaming Club, Instagram, Juventus, KeSPA (The Korea Esports Association), Learfield, Luminosity Gaming, Lynx, Manchester City, McDonald, Microsoft, Mountain Dew, Naver, NBA, NBC, Netflix, NFL (National Football Association), Nimo TV, NVIDIA, PlayVS, Proximus, SK Telecom, Skillz, Sky, SoundCloud, Taco Bell, TGS Esports, TikTok, T-Mobile, Trovo, Tubular Labs, Twitter, Ubisoft, USA’s National Basketball Association, Verizon, Visa, Xfinity.

Data & Interactive Forecast

Juniper Research’s eSports & Games Streaming forecast suite includes:
  • Unique viewers of eSports and games streaming services.
  • Number of people who watch casual games streaming content, total revenue from casual games subscriptions & advertising spend.
  • Number of people who watch eSports content, total revenue from eSports subscriptions & advertising spend.
  • Sector revenue from donations to creators.
  • Interactive Scenario Tool allowing users to manipulate Juniper Research’s data for 5 different metrics.
  • Access to the full set of forecast data of more than 190 tables and over 37,900 datapoints.

Geographical splits: 19 countries

Harvest: Our online data platform, harvest, contains the very latest market data and is updated throughout the year. This is a fully featured platform enabling clients to better understand key data trends and manipulate charts and tables, overlaying different forecasts within the one chart - using the comparison tool. Empower your business with our market intelligence centre, and get alerted whenever your data is updated.

Interactive Excels (IFxl): Our IFxl tool enables clients to manipulate both forecast data and charts, within an Excel environment, to test their own assumptions using the Interactive Scenario Tool and compare selected markets side by side in customised charts and tables. IFxls greatly increase a clients’ ability to both understand a particular market and to integrate their own views into the model.

Forecast Summary

A new study from Juniper Research has found that the global eSports and games streaming industry will be worth $3.5 billion by 2025; rising from $2.1 billion in 2021. This represents a growth of 70% over the next four years. eSports is the live streaming of games, often featuring professional gamers, and games streaming includes the streaming of gameplay content to audiences in a casual environment.
  • The market value will be driven by subscription spend to streaming platforms, and advertising spend over streams. However, stakeholders must invest in other revenue-generating areas, including broadcasting rights and live event ticket sales, and establish high-value sponsorship deals to maximise the market value of eSports in the future.
  • There will be over 1 billion eSports and games viewers by 2025; growing from 800 million viewers by the end of 2021. This represents 1 in 9 of the global population. Whilst the Asia Pacific region will represent over 50% of these viewers by 2025, Latin America will be a key region set for growth over the next four years. By 2025, there will be over 130 million eSports and games streaming viewers in the region.
  • Rising viewership will create greater levels of competition between content streaming platforms, including Twitch and YouTube. In turn, these streaming platform providers must promote their content to new audiences. Aligning eSports events with other industries, such as entertainment industries, will provide these streaming platforms with opportunities to attract new users.

eSports & Games Streaming Reports


Full Research Suite

  • Market trends, strategies and forecasts report (pdf)
  • Market data & forecasts - All topic data and interactivity (xls)
  • harvest market data platform (12 months’ online access) - find out more

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Mar 2021




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Research Details

Juniper Research
Saidat Giwa-Osagie, Sam Barker
Innovation & Disruption
8 Key Regions - includes North America, Latin America, West Europe, Central & East Europe, Far East & China, Indian Subcontinent, Rest of Asia Pacific and Africa & Middle East
Australia, Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, France, Germany, India, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, UK, USA

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