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POS & mPOS Terminals
OverviewOur new POS & mPOS Terminals research is an essential assessment of the highly competitive payment terminals and mobile payment accessories market, offering comprehensive market projections and trend analysis.
The research provides a detailed assessment of how new approaches are being used in the POS space, including the deployment of biometric-equipped devices and the integration of cryptocurrency in the point of sale. It also analyses key trends and constraints in the payment terminals area, with particular emphasis on the rising adoption of mPOS and the cybersecurity risks faced by vendor and merchants.

The research covers:
  • Dedicated POS (Static & Portable Terminals)
  • Contactless POS Terminals
  • mPOS Accessories
  • Biometric-enabled POS Terminals
The research includes:
  • Market Trends & Opportunities (PDF)
  • 5-Year Market Sizing & Forecast Spreadsheet (PDF & Excel)
  • 12 months' access to harvest online data platform

Key Features

  • Market Analysis: Provides an extensive evaluation of the POS ecosystem, analysing the current market status across key POS segments:
    • Dedicated POS (including Static & Portable Terminals)
    • Contactless POS Terminals
    • mPOS Accessories
    • Biometric-enabled POS Terminals
  • Key Trends: Analysis of market drivers and disruptive factors, such as the introduction of biometrics into the POS arena, as well as increasing importance of tailored POS solutions for specific verticals.
  • Benchmark Industry Forecasts: Device and transaction forecasts, including volume and value projections.
  • Juniper Research Leaderboard: 17 leading POS vendors compared, scored and positioned on the Juniper Research Leaderboard, including:
    • bbpos
    • Castles Technology
    • Dspread
    • Equinox Payments
    • First Data
    • Fujian Newland
    • Ingenico
    • mSwipe Technologies
    • NEXGO
    • PAX Technology
    • PayPal
    • Sage Pay
    • Spire Payments
    • Square
    • SZZT
    • Verifone
    • Worldline

Key Questions

  1. Who are the key vendors disrupting this market?
  2. What are the most compelling POS types in which markets?
  3. What are the opportunities for stakeholders in emerging markets?
  4. What effect will cryptocurrency have on the POS market?
  5. What are the growth prospects for the use of mPOS accessories over the next 5 years?

Companies Referenced

Achain, Aditus, Airlink, American Express, Apple, Bambora, bbpos, BitPay, Castles Technology, Chipotle, CoinBase, Digix, Dspread, Equinox Payments, Fintech Indonesia, First Data, Forever 21, Fujian Newland, GameStop, Google, Hudson’s Bay Company, Ingenico, iZettle, Kabbage, Loyalcoin, Mastercard, McDonald’s, Microsoft, Mswipe Technologies, NBS Payment Solutions, Nem, NEXGO, PAX Technology, Paymark, PayPal, PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards), Pundi X, Qtum, QuickBooks, Sage, Samsung, Singapore Fintech Association, Spire Payments, Square, Stellar, Stripe, SZZT Electronics, UK Card Association, UnionPay, Verifone, Visa, WeChat, Worldline, Worldpay, Xpot.

Data & Interactive Forecast

Juniper Research’s POS & mPOS Terminals forecast suite includes:
  • Country level data splits for:
    • Brazil
    • Canada
    • China
    • Denmark
    • Germany
    • India
    • Japan
    • Norway
    • Portugal
    • Spain
    • South Korea
    • Sweden
    • UK
    • US
  • Plus 8 key global regions
  • Forecasts for number of terminals in use, transaction volume and value, broken down by:
    • Dedicated POS
    • mPOS
    • Contactless POS
    • Biometric POS
  • Interactive Scenario tool allowing user the ability to manipulate Juniper’s data for 12 different metrics.
  • Access to the full set of forecast data of 55 tables and over 8,400 datapoints.
Juniper Research’s highly granular interactive Excels enable clients to manipulate Juniper Research’s forecast data and charts to test their own assumptions and compare markets side by side in customised charts and tables. IFxls greatly increase clients’ ability to both understand a particular market and to integrate their own views into the model.  

Full Research Suite


Full Research Suite

POS and mPOS Terminals full research suite comprises:

  • POS and mPOS Terminals Executive Summary PDF Report
  • POS and mPOS Terminals Interactive Forecast Excel Data
  • Quarterly PDF Report & Excel Data Updates
  • 12 months' access to POS and mPOS Terminals data updates in harvest

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Research Details

Nick Maynard
Fintech & Payments
8 Key Regions - includes North America, Latin America, West Europe, Central & East Europe, Far East & China, Indian Subcontinent, Rest of Asia Pacific and Africa & Middle East
Brazil, Canada, China, Denmark, Germany, India, Japan, South Korea, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, UK, USA