Report Overview

Juniper Research’s new Cross-border eCommerce research report provides a highly detailed analysis of the evolution of this dynamic market. This assessment features an examination of the different drivers, including the continued expansion of marketplaces, an examination of challenges, such as different regulatory jurisdictions, and assessing key factors encouraging and disincentivising consumers and merchants from purchasing items from overseas. The report also contains a Juniper Research Competitor Leaderboard for eCommerce merchants catering for an international market, positioning 17 key vendors; providing an important resource for understanding this complex market.

Furthermore, the report examines the future technologies that may play a role in cross-border eCommerce, including blockchain and CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Currencies), and how these will influence online sales. The report includes extensive market forecasts; delivering detailed insights and segmenting eCommerce payments by domestic versus cross-border, including splits for transaction value and volume, by the below categories:

  • Digital Goods
  • Physical Goods
  • Mobile-based Payments
  • PC-based Payments
This research suite comprises:
  • Strategy & Forecasts (PDF)
  • 5-year Market Sizing & Forecast Spreadsheet (Excel)
  • 12 Months’ Access to harvest Online Data Platform
Key Market Statistics
Cross-border Market Size in 2023: $1.6tn
Cross-border Market Size in 2028: $3.4tn
2023 to 2028 Market Growth: 108%

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Key Features

  • Market Dynamics: Provides a detailed assessment of market drivers and the key market trends within the cross-border eCommerce market, as well as an in-depth evaluation of the future growth of the market and readiness for further disruption. This enables readers to understand the critical innovations driving this market forward.
  • Key Takeaways & Strategic Recommendations: Featuring major opportunities and crucial factors for cross-border eCommerce highlighted across the landscape; making for important reading for key stakeholders, including the eCommerce platforms themselves.
  • Juniper Research Competitor Leaderboard: Key player capability and capacity assessment for 17 cross-border eCommerce platforms; positioning them as either established leaders, leading challengers, or disruptors and challengers. Our Competitor Leaderboard scores these companies on their size of operations in the space, their extent and breadth of market partnerships, the sophistication of their platforms, and Juniper Research’s view on each company’s innovation and future business prospects. The company profiles included in Juniper Research’s Cross-border eCommerce Competitor Leaderboard are the following:
    • Alibaba Group
    • Allegro
    • Amazon
    • eBay
    • Etsy
    • Jumia
    • Mercado Libre
    • Mercari
    • Newegg
    • Pinduoduo / Temu
    • Rakuten
    • Shopee
    • Vinted
    • Walmart
    • Wildberries
    • Zalando
  • Benchmark Industry Forecasts: 5-year forecasts for the cross-border eCommerce market, including the total volume and value of domestic versus cross-border eCommerce split between physical & digital goods, and purchases made from mobile/PC devices. This data is also split by our 8 key regions and 60 countries as follows:
    • North America:
      • Canada, US
    • Latin America:
      • Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru, Uruguay
    • West Europe:
      • Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK
    • Central & East Europe:
      • Croatia, Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Romania, Russia, Turkey, Ukraine
    • Far East & China:
      • China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea
    • Indian Subcontinent:
      • Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan
    • Rest of Asia Pacific:
      • Australia, Indonesia, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam
    • Africa & Middle East
      • Algeria, Egypt, Israel, Kenya, Kuwait, Nigeria, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, South Africa, United Arab Emirates

Key Questions Answered

  1. What are the different cross-border strategies employed by the major eCommerce marketplaces?
  2. What attracts and disincentives consumers and merchants from using a cross-border marketplace?
  3. Where will the biggest growth be for cross-border eCommerce opportunities?
  4. What can stakeholders do to capitalise on emerging opportunities and secure their position in the market?
  5. What will the value of cross-border eCommerce be by 2028?

Companies Referenced

Included in the Juniper Research Competitor Leaderboard: Alibaba Group, Allegro, Amazon, eBay, Etsy,, Jumia, Mercado Libre, Mercari, Newegg, Pinduoduo/Temu, Rakuten, Shopee, Vinted, Walmart, Wildberries, Zalando.
Mentioned: 4PX, Afterpay, AirBridgeCargo Airlines, AliExpress, Ant Group, Apple, ASDA, BigCommerce, Buyee, Cainiao, CedCommerce, Channel 4, ChannelAdvisor, Coca-Cola, Contact Credit Technologies, Daraz, DHL, eBay, EcoEnclose, Flipkart, Google, IMDb, InPost, ITV, JCB, Klarna, KnownOrigin, Lazada, Mastercard, Mimovrste, Nest, Nike, Packeta, Payability, PayPal, Philips, Prestashop, PSA (Professional Sports Authenticator), Ring, Roku, Shenzhen MTC, Shopify, Splitit, Storfund, Stripe, Taobao, Tmall, Trendyol, Twitch, Uber, UPS, Visa, Western Union, WhatsApp, Whole Foods Market, WooCommerce, Xianyu, Xiaomi, Yahoo!, Zip, Zipline.

Data & Interactive Forecast

The Cross-border eCommerce forecast suite includes 5-year forecasts for this market, split by online purchases by domestic versus overseas, including the following:
  • eCommerce payments, splits for transaction value and volume
  • eCommerce payments, split between the purchase of physical and digital goods
  • eCommerce payments, split between orders made using mobile or PC devices
Geographical splits: 60 countries
Number of tables: 54 tables
Number of datapoints: Over 18,200 datapoints

harvest: Our online data platform, harvest, contains the very latest market data and is updated throughout the year. This is a fully featured platform; enabling clients to better understand key data trends and manipulate charts and tables; overlaying different forecasts within the one chart – using the comparison tool. Empower your business with our market intelligence centre, and get alerted whenever your data is updated.

Interactive Excels (IFxl): Our IFxl tool enables clients to manipulate both forecast data and charts, within an Excel environment, to test their own assumptions using the interactive scenario tool and compare selected markets side by side in customised charts and tables. IFxls greatly increase a clients’ ability to both understand a particular market and to integrate their own views into the model.

Forecast Summary

  • The value of cross-border eCommerce will exceed $3.3 trillion in 2028, from $1.6 trillion in 2023. With disposable income rising in developing markets, eCommerce merchants and marketplaces are pivoting towards them. Given the prevalence of alternative payment methods in developing markets, such as mobile money, cross-border merchants must effectively match consumers’ payment preferences, or they will quickly lose out to better-localised rivalThis demonstrates that much of the growth in the eCommerce payments market is in the cross-border area. This is due to the rapid expansion of key marketplaces, and how they have differentiated themselves. For example, provides fast delivery times thanks to its strong logistics network. AliExpress offers considerably cheaper goods that offset the longer-than-preferred delivery times for consumers, while Amazon, Rakuten, and Mercado Libre provide value-added services, like streaming and integrated financial services. Marketplaces must offer a differentiated consumer experience to be successful, but must also add value for merchants, in order to sustain rapid growth.
  • In an increasingly social media-dominated advertising landscape, the leading vendors are effectively marketing directly to consumers. Central to competing with domestic merchants is appealing to digitally engaged users in a direct way; making social media advertising vital for success. For example, Temu has accompanied launches into new markets such as the UK & US with highly targeted direct advertising to users, fuelling rapid growth. Cross-border merchants must therefore correctly identify the right social media and digital advertising channels in each market, or risk losing out in the battle for tech-savvy consumers.



Full Research Suite

  • Market trends, strategies and forecasts report (pdf)
  • Market data & forecasts - All topic data and interactivity (xls)
  • Quarterly updates to market data & forecasts (pdf, xls)
  • harvest market data platform (12 months’ online access) - find out more

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Research Details

Juniper Research
Matthew Purnell
Fintech & Payments
8 Key Regions - includes North America, Latin America, West Europe, Central & East Europe, Far East & China, Indian Subcontinent, Rest of Asia Pacific and Africa & Middle East
Algeria, Argentina, Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Ecuador, Egypt, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kenya, South Korea, Kuwait, Malaysia, Mexico, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nigeria, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Romania, Russian Federation, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Thailand, Turkey, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, UK, Uruguay, USA, Vietnam