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Future Games Market
OverviewJuniper’s Future Games Market research offers comprehensive coverage and insight, alongside expert analysis of the latest developments and opportunities for players in this major industry.

The research provides an assessment of leading publishers and developers, as well as analysis of the major trends and near-term developments in the industry coupled with the impacts that these will have.

This research suite comprises:
  • Market Trends & Competitive Landscape (PDF)
  • 5 Year Market Sizing & Forecast (PDF & Excel)
  • Executive Summary & Core Findings (PDF) 

Key Features

  • Sector Dynamics: Analysis of key market forces and developments, supported by case studies, as well as insights from industry players including:
    • CD Projekt Red
    • Nutaku
    • Nvidia
    • Roku
    • Sony Mobile
  • Trend Appraisal: Major trends explored, allied with Juniper’s View and assessment of the implications for the industry.
  • Value chains & business models: Analysis of the monetisation strategies and processes used across digital games platforms.
  • Juniper Leaderboard: Key player capability and capacity assessment for Mobile & Tablet, and Console & PC games publishers.
  • Benchmark industry forecasts for digital games, delivering quantification of the F2P (free to play) PC market, as well as subscription games and premium purchases.

Key Questions

  1. What are the emerging technologies in the games market, and how can developers utilise these?
  2. What are the strategies best adopted by games developers moving forwards?
  3. What is the total size of the digital games market, and which are the fastest growing platforms, in terms of revenues?
  4. What are the key trends and developments for 2017 and beyond?
  5. Who are the leading publishers in both the mobile and the console & PC industries, and how are they disrupting the market?

Companies Referenced

Interviewed: CD Projekt Red, DAQRI, HTC, NVIDIA, Nutaku, Roku, Sony.
Profiled: Activision Blizzard, CD Projekt Red, EA (Electronic Arts), Gameloft, Gungho, Halfbrick Studios, MZ (Machine Zone), Microsoft, Nintendo, Rovio, Sony, Square Enix, Take‑Two, Telltale Games, Tencent, Ubisoft, Warner Brothers, ZeniMax Media, Zynga.
Case Studied: CD Projekt Red (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt), Epic War (Mobile Strike), Facebook, Niantic (Pokémon GO), NVIDIA, Nutaku, Roku, SuperCell (Clash Royale), Valve.
Mentioned: 1-Up Studios, 2K Games, 343, 4 Licensing Corporation, Aardman, Acquire, AerServ, Alienware, Amazon, Apple, Arkane Studios, Avalanche Studios, Bandai Namco, Bethesda Game Studios, Bioware, Criterion Studios, Daybreak Game Company, DC Comics, Decisive Games, DeltaDNA, DeNA, Disney, Eidos, Element, Ferrari, Firaxis, Fitbit, Fox, Futuremark Game Studios, GAME, Game Arts, GDC (Games Developer Conference), Google, Grasshopper Manufacture, Gravity, Guerrilla Games, Hasbro, Hello Games, Hisense, Hitachi, HP, Infogrames, Insignia, Interplay Entertainment, Irrational Games, Ketchapp, King Digital Entertainment, Konami, Kush Games, Lifestyle Entertainment, Lift London, Lionsgate Entertainment, LiquidSky, Machine Games, Marvel, Mattel, Media Molecule, Metacritic, Miniclip, MLG (Major League Gaming), Mojang, Monolith Productions, Monolith Soft, Moon Studios, NaturalMotion, Naughty Dog, Netflix, NetherRealm Studios, Nokia, Oasys Mobile, Obsidian Entertainment, Oculus, Onan Games, Panda TV, Pixar Entertainment, Playground Games, Popcap, Psyonix Games, Rare, Remedy Entertainment, Riot Games, Rockstar Games, Rocksteady Studios, SessionM, Sharp, Social Point, Softbank, Sucker Punch, Sumea, SuperCell, Taito, TCL, Telegram, The Coalition, The Sims Studios, Time Warner, TT Games, Turbine, Turn 10, Universal, Virtuix, Visual Concepts, Vivendi,, WeChat, YouTube

Data & Interactive Forecast

The Future Games Market forecast suite includes:
  • Splits according to 8 key global regions alongside the following country splits:
    • Canada
    • China
    • Germany
    • Japan
    • South Korea
    • UK
  • Market split by platform:
    • Smartphones
    • Featurephones
    • Tablets
    • PCs/Laptops
    • Console
    • Handheld
    • VR (Virtual Reality)
    • Cloud
    • Microconsole
  • Market split by Service Type:
    • Pay per Download
    • In-app Purchases
    • Subscription
    • F2P (Free to play)
    • Premium purchase
    • Advertising
  • Mobile & Tablet, and Console games markets split by genre:
    • Action & Arcade
    • Social & Casual
    • Racing & Sports
    • RPG & Strategy
  • Interactive Scenario tool allowing user the ability to manipulate Juniper’s data for 16 different metrics.
  • Access to the full set of forecast data of 332 tables and more than 34,200 data points.
Juniper Research’s highly granular interactive excels enable clients to manipulate our forecast data and charts to test their own assumptions using the Interactive Scenario Tool; and compare select markets side by side in customised charts and tables. IFxls greatly increase clients’ ability to both understand a particular market and to integrate their own views into the model.

Download a summary of the table of contents and forecasts above, or request a detailed list of every table and chart via

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Future Games Market - Market Sizing & Forecasting 2017-2021

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Juniper delivers industry benchmark forecasts for the Future Games market, enabling users to understand the opportunity on a national and international basis for this rapidly growing industry.

Provided in a PDF report and an interactive XL spreadsheet.

The forecasts include:
  • Data for all platforms including:
    • Smartphones
    • Featurephones
    • Tablets
    • PCs/Laptops
    • Console
    • Handheld
    • VR (Virtual Reality)
    • Cloud
    • Microconsole
  • Mobile & Tablet Forecasts:
    • Mobile & tablet games revenue for Pay-per-Download purchases, across all games genres
    • In-app purchases, across all games genres
    • Number of mobile & tablet games downloaded with forecasts split by genre, and the proportion of these games which are free or paid for
    • Mobile & tablet advertising revenue, including the number of ad impressions per game and total advertising spend
  • PC & Console Forecasts:
    • PC games accessed and split by monetisation method:
      • F2P (Free to Play)
      • Subscription
      • Premium purchase
    • Dedicated console & handheld device forecasts including the installed base, average number of games purchased per user and the total revenues from the software market
    • Home console software purchases, and associated revenues, split by game genre
    • Microconsole games downloaded, and total revenues split by monetisation method
  • Cloud & VR Forecasts:
    • Cloud games subscribers and subscription revenue
    • VR games forecasts including the installed base, number of games accessed and software sales revenue, split by monetisation method
Download a summary of the forecasts above, or request a detailed list of every table and chart via

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Research Details

Lauren Foye
Content & Commerce
8 Key Regions - includes North America, Latin America, West Europe, Central & East Europe, Far East & China, Indian Subcontinent, Rest of Asia Pacific and Africa & Middle East
Canada, China, Germany, Japan, South Korea, UK

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