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Apple and Samsung Tablet Market Share to Fall to 38% Combined by 2019 in Tectonic Shift, Juniper Research Finds

Electronics Giants to be Undermined by Budget Android Vendors

Hampshire, UK – 16th March 2015: Today’s dominant tablet vendors are in for a rough ride in the coming years, Juniper Research has found. This is due to more agile players developing low-cost models and an array of new form factors, appealing to a wider consumer base than current offerings.

Chief among these is Lenovo, which Juniper expects to ship an additional 30 million units per annum by 2019, fuelled by sales of its Yoga range worldwide, as well as a varied line-up of devices in its home market. The Chinese vendor announced several new models at MWC 2015 across both Android and Windows platforms.
Tablets Need Niches
The new research, Tablets, Phablets & Hybrids: Ecosystem Evolution, Vendor Landscape & Forecasts 2014-2019, notes that although tablet sales will be impacted by the rise of phablets, the variety and capability of tablets will expand, catering for the needs of specific target markets. However, vendors will have to adjust their expectations and potentially develop a range of devices to suit multiple segments with slightly different needs rather than launching catch-all devices.

Use Cases Broaden

With this increased variation, Juniper Research expects the appeal of tablets to broaden to include a range of new market segments. ‘We are seeing tablets deployed in a variety of different contexts, from education to POS’, remarked report author James Moar. ‘However, these uses do not have the phone-like replacement rates vendors initially expected, which has affected sales volume.’

Other Key Findings Include:

  • Android will remain the dominant platform for tablets, although we expect Windows-based devices to represent just under 10% of the market by 2019.
  • Hybrid devices will find a place in office-based environments, while tablets will struggle here due to peripheral compatibility requirements.
The whitepaper, ‘One Screen to Rule Them All’ is available to download from the new Juniper website together with further details of the full research and Interactive Forecast Excel (IFxL).

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