Mobile International Remittances to Exceed $25Bn by 2018

Rising to 4% of Total International Remittance by Value

Hampshire, UK – 14th June 2016: A new study from Juniper Research has found that international remittances, including airtime top ups via mobile phones, will exceed $25 billion by 2018, up 67% from an estimated $15 billion in 2015.

The research found a significant upsurge in international remittance activity in the past 2 years with a number of cross-border mobile remittance services being deployed. For example, PayPal-owned Xoom announced in April 2016 that it will expand its services to 13 new recipient countries.

It found that international mobile money transfers are forecast to grow in frequency in all regions as users become more accustomed to using the service. Higher value transactions are also forecast, going forward.

Digital Disruption Driving Mobile Remittances

The new research, Digital Money Transfer & Remittances: Domestic & International Markets 2016-2021, noted that the international remittance market is increasingly being disrupted by a proliferation of smaller, agile ‘pure-play’ digital providers such as PayPal Xoom and WorldRemit.

“Previously dominated by Western Union and MoneyGram, the international mobile money transfer is becoming increasingly competitive with these new mobile remittance providers offering markedly lower prices than the established players”, noted research author Nitin Bhas. He pointed out that London-based start-up TransferWise offers more of a direct threat to the traditional players, as it offers extremely low (0.5%) transaction fees for higher value ($295+) transactions.

Additionally, the research found that mobile international remittances will also have an impact on remittances via informal channels – i.e. the ‘grey remittance’ market composed primarily of cash - by offering a lower-cost alternative to traditional remittance services.

Airtime Top-up Surges

The research also found that while international cash remittance growth had slowed, transaction volumes have surged in the airtime top-up market, where service providers are not required to obtain money licences. The simplicity of airtime and the need to facilitate basic P2P money flow means that these still represent the initial deployments in many markets. It also enables the sender of the remittance to control precisely what that remittance will be used for.

However, the international airtime transfer segment represented very high commission rates when compared to international remittance. Nevertheless, Juniper forecasts that the total number of mobile international airtime top up transactions will approach half a billion for the first time in 2018.
The new whitepaper, Disrupting International Remittanceis available to download from the Juniper website together with further details of the full research.

Juniper Research is acknowledged as the leading analyst house in the digital commerce and FinTech sector, delivering pioneering research into payments, banking and financial services for more than a decade.

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