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Press releases

TitleDate ▼
Point of Sale Transaction Values to Exceed $17.3 Trillion Globally by 202617/05/2021
Telemedicine to Save Healthcare Industry $21 Billion Globally by 202510/05/2021
Digital Commerce Spend to Exceed $11.6 Trillion in 202104/05/2021
eCommerce Losses to Online Payment Fraud to Exceed $20 Billion Annually in 202126/04/2021
Domestic Digital Money Transfer Values to Grow to $3.4 Trillion by 202519/04/2021
Facial Recognition for Payments Authentication to Be Used by Over 1.4 Billion People Globally by 202512/04/2021
Juniper Research Launches the 2021 Future Digital Awards for Digital Health Innovation08/04/2021
Conversational Commerce Channels to Facilitate Spending of over $290 Billion Globally by 202506/04/2021
Juniper Research Named as Top Three Most Influential Analyst House Globally 31/03/2021
eSIM Device Installations to Reach 3.4 Billion Globally by 2025; Driven by Consumer Sector Adoption29/03/2021
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White papers

TitleDate ▼
POS Terminals ~ Changing the Payments Experience10/05/2021
The Doctor is Always In: How Teleconsultations Improve Patient Care28/04/2021
Digital Commerce & Opportunities for Post-pandemic Growth26/04/2021
Fighting Online Payment Fraud in 202119/04/2021
Digital Money Transfer & Remittances: The Instant Payment Transformation12/04/2021
How Conversational Commerce Will Make Its Voice Heard31/03/2021
Unlocking the Potential of Consumer eSIMs18/03/2021
The Role of Regtech in a Post-pandemic World16/03/2021
Loot Boxes ~ Levelling up for New Legislation02/03/2021
What to Expect from eSports in 202102/03/2021
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