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Press releases

TitleDate ▼
Mobile Money Transaction Values to Exceed $870 Billion in Emerging Markets by 202606/12/2021
CPaaS Market Value in North America to Reach $15 Billion by 202601/12/2021
5G to Generate 77% of Global Operator Revenue by 202630/11/2021
Automotive Sensor Market Revenue to Grow to $92 Billion Globally by 202629/11/2021
SMS Firewall Revenue to Reach $4.1 Billion Globally by 202623/11/2021
EV Charging Sessions to Exceed 1.5 Billion by 2026 Globally22/11/2021
Flash Calling Authentication to Near 128 Billion Calls Globally by 202616/11/2021
In-vehicle Payment Transaction Volumes to Exceed 4.7 Billion by 202615/11/2021
Blockchain to Facilitate Savings of $10 Billion Globally in Cross-border Payments08/11/2021
Open Banking-facilitated Payments to Exceed $116 Billion by 202601/11/2021
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White papers

TitleDate ▼
The New Wave of Fintech Innovation in Emerging Markets26/11/2021
The Fastest-growing Telco Opportunities in 202223/11/2021
It’s Electric ~ Powering the Automotive Sensors Market23/11/2021
Fraudulent SMS Activity: A Telco Pandemic18/11/2021
How EV Charging Is Driving Electric Mobility Forward15/11/2021
Flash Calling’s Impact on Business Messaging09/11/2021
In-vehicle Payments ~ Resolving Fragmentation08/11/2021
Blockchain ~ Seizing the Financial Services Opportunity02/11/2021
Open Banking ~ Levelling the Banking Playing Field26/10/2021
Smart Hospitals: Using Big Data to Enhance Healthcare Delivery25/10/2021
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