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Press releases

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Mobility-as-a-Service Spend to Exceed 350% Globally Over Next Five Years06/12/2022
Instant Payment Transactions to Surpass 376 Billion Globally by 202705/12/2022
Smart Grid Cost Savings to Exceed $125 Billion by 202728/11/2022
Mobile Operators to Lose $2.5 Billion of Business Messaging Revenue to OTT Apps Globally by 202323/11/2022
Embedded Finance Market to Exceed $183 Billion Globally by 202722/11/2022
AI-enabled Financial Fraud Detection Spend to Exceed $10 Billion by 202721/11/2022
Precision Medicine Spend to Exceed $132 Billion Globally by 202715/11/2022
OTT-based Conversational Commerce Spend to Surpass $25 Billion in 202314/11/2022
Contactless Mobile Payments to Surpass 1 Billion Users for First Time in 202408/11/2022
Border Security Technology Market to Surpass $70 Billion Globally by 202707/11/2022
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White papers

TitleDate ▼
Three Key Trends That Are Accelerating Instant Payments24/11/2022
Combatting the Energy Crisis with Smart Grids22/11/2022
Top Ten Tech Trends 2023 Whitepaper18/11/2022
Revolutionising Fintech with Embedded Finance15/11/2022
Fighting Financial Fraud with AI15/11/2022
Precision Medicine ~ Diagnosing Data Privacy Concerns09/11/2022
Conversational Commerce: The Future of Click-and-Mortar09/11/2022
Border Security - More Important Than Ever03/11/2022
How Automation Is Unlocking the B2B Payments Market25/10/2022
Private Cellular Networks - An Interview with G+D18/10/2022
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