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Press releases

TitleDate ▼
Advertising Fraud Losses to Reach $42 Billion in 2019, Driven by Evolving Tactics by Fraudsters21/05/2019
Smart City Traffic Technology Revenues More than Double in Next 4 Years, Reaching $4.4bn by 202320/05/2019
Digital Therapeutics Market to Exceed $32 billion by 2024 Offering Mixed Fortunes for Drug Companies15/05/2019
Fintech Platform Revenues to Reach $638 Billion in 2024, as Innovative Services Become the ‘New Normal’14/05/2019
Chatbot Interactions in Retail to Reach 22 Billion by 2023, as AI Offers Compelling New Engagement Solutions08/05/2019
Pureplay Digital Companies to Process $14 Trillion in B2B Payments by 202301/05/2019
Smart City Street Lighting Innovation to Realise $15 Billion in Energy Savings23/04/2019
Blockchain Cross-border Transactions to Reach over 1.3 Billion by 2023, up from 119 Million in 201916/04/2019
AI Spending by Retailers to Reach $12 Billion by 2023, Driven by the Promise of Improved Margins10/04/2019
Digital Twin Revenues to Reach $13 billion by 2023, Fuelled by AI & Machine Learning Innovation09/04/2019
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White papers

TitleDate ▼
The Impact of AI for Digital Advertisers20/05/2019
Are Digital Therapeutics Poison or Tonic for Drug Companies?14/05/2019
The Future of Fintech ~ The New Standard13/05/2019
B2B Payments Beyond Banking ~ The $14 Trillion Prize29/04/2019
The Future of Lighting & Urban Mobility in Smart Cities17/04/2019
Blockchain in Finance ~ The Good, the Bad & the Ugly10/04/2019
How AI Can Revive Retail09/04/2019
How AI is Transforming Digital Twins02/04/2019
How Netflix and Its Rivals are Fuelling Growth Through Carrier Billing27/03/2019
How Blockchain is Transforming Retail21/03/2019
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Juniper Research

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Management Team

Tony Crabtree | Juniper Research Managing Director
Tony Crabtree is the Managing Director of Juniper Research. Founding the business in 2002, Tony has strived to build Juniper Research into one of the most trusted names in technology research. Based on the principles of quality, depth and value for money, Juniper focuses on providing competitive advantage to our clients through market knowledge and intelligence. Tony has a wide knowledge of technology markets having held Senior Marketing positions in the consumer electronics, advanced materials and computer industries.

For the past twenty years Tony has worked exclusively in market intelligence with Gorham & Partners, Informa Telecoms & Media (Now Ovum) and latterly with his own company, Juniper Research. Tony has an honours degree in Business from Newcastle upon Tyne Business School, and is a member of the Institute of Directors and a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Marketing.

He can be contacted through the main switchboard at +44 1256 830001, or at
Nitin Bhas | Head of Research
Nitin Bhas is the Head of Research with Juniper Research. Having joined the company in 2010, Nitin is responsible for leading the analyst team and developing Juniper’s annual, as well as long-term, research plan and product strategies. He also leads and participates in ad-hoc research and consultancy projects along with Juniper’s expert team of analysts. He is a regular speaker at industry conferences and is frequently interviewed by the media including the BBC, CNBC and Reuters.
Nitin has authored more than 30 research titles for Juniper. His key areas of focus include Commerce, Enabling Technologies, Devices and Wearables. He has a BTech (Hons) in Electronics and Telecommunication and an MSc in Mobile and Satellite Communication from the University of Surrey, UK.
He can be contacted through the main switchboard at +44 1256 830001, or at
Dr Windsor Holden | Head of Forecasting & Consultancy
Dr Windsor Holden is the Head of Forecasting & Consultancy at Juniper Research. An analyst with Juniper Research since 2007, Windsor has written more than 60 strategic reports on digital services and technologies and specialises in the field of digital commerce and money. He has also led numerous bespoke projects for Juniper Research including forecasting, due diligence and White Paper assignments.

Windsor is a regular speaker at international events, including CARTES Secure Connexions (2014), NFC World Congress (2013) and Mobile World Congress (2008 and 2011). Windsor has more than 15 years’ industry experience, having previously worked for Kagan World Media, Espicom Business Intelligence and Analysys Mason Group. He is also a former Research Fellow of the Institute of Communications Studies, University of Leeds.

He can be contacted through the main switchboard at +44 1256 830001, or at

Lead Analysts

Steffen Sorrell | Principal Analyst
Steffen Sorrell is a Principal Analyst with Juniper Research. His area of focus includes digital networks and enabling technologies, and is particularly interested in the Internet of Things, Contextual Awareness and Ambient Computing. He has previous experience as an in-house FMCG analyst, tasked with marrying large volumes of data across disparate systems and reporting trend analysis to the business.

Steffen holds a BA Hons degree in Modern French and German Languages from the University of Bath.

He can be contacted through the main switchboard at +44 1256 830001, or at
James Moar | Senior Analyst
James Moar is a Senior Analyst with Juniper Research. His area of focus includes handsets, wearables and other smart devices, with a particular interest in convergent technologies, cyber security and mobile health. He previously worked as an FMCG consumer research analyst, advising on new product development and forecasting sales volumes for a wide range of global clients.

James holds a BA (Hons) in Philosophy and Politics from the University of Durham, and an MLitt in Terrorism Studies from the University of St Andrews.

He can be contacted through the main switchboard at +44 1256 830001, or at
Sam Barker | Research Analyst
Sam Barker is a Senior Analyst with Juniper Research. Sam’s focus areas lie across Juniper Key Vertical Markets and Strategy & Competition Streams, covering key connected verticals including digital health, digital advertising, smart homes, mobile voice and messaging. He previously worked as project support analyst for a major online retailer, planning, forecasting, and reporting on budgets for large company projects.

Sam holds a BSc (Hons) in Economics from the University of Portsmouth.

He can be contacted through the main switchboard at +44 1256 830001, or at

Sales & Marketing

Nick Mardell | Business Development Manager
Nick Mardell is an Account Manager with Juniper Research. Nick joined Juniper in 2015, initially responsible for the growth of new business accounts. He now combines this role with helping Juniper's global clients maximise their access to Juniper's intelligence services.

Prior to Juniper Research, Nick held a Senior Sales role within a National Telecommunications provider. Nick holds a Certificate of HE in Education from the University of Winchester.

He can be contacted through the main switchboard at +44 1256 830002, or at