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Press releases

TitleDate ▼
Video Game Loot Boxes to Generate over $20 Billion in Revenue by 202509/03/2021
eSports & Games Streaming to be Worth $3.6 Billion Globally by 202508/03/2021
Insurtech Platform Premiums to Exceed $556 Billion Globally in 202501/03/2021
5G Roaming Subscribers to Reach 147 Million Globally by 202501/03/2021
Smart Traffic Management to Significantly Reduce Congestion and Emissions22/02/2021
Intelligent Cockpits Installed in 20% of All Cars Globally by 202516/02/2021
Users of Mobile Video Calling Reached 1.8 billion in 2020, Growing by 600 million Globally15/02/2021
Technology Megatrend Predictions for 202109/02/2021
Digital-only Banks in Consideration by over Half of US Consumers08/02/2021
Future Digital Award Winners Announced for Telco Innovation 202104/02/2021
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White papers

TitleDate ▼
Loot Boxes ~ Levelling up for New Legislation02/03/2021
What to Expect from eSports in 202102/03/2021
Insurtech: The New Insurance Model22/02/2021
How Smart Parking is Accelerating Change in Cities18/02/2021
Top 10 Fintech Trends 202115/02/2021
An Interview with Thales09/02/2021
An Interview with Infobip04/02/2021
How to Capitalise on the Growth of Mobile Voice Calling in 202103/02/2021
How the Digital Cockpit Will Accelerate Intelligent Driver Systems03/02/2021
An Interview with G+D27/01/2021
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