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Press releases

TitleDate ▼
World’s No 1 Smart City for 2022: Shanghai24/01/2022
Blockchain-based Insurance Claims to Exceed $10 Billion in Cost Savings by 202418/01/2022
eCommerce Payment Transactions to Exceed $7.5 Trillion Globally by 202617/01/2022
Subscription Economy Market Value to Reach $275 Billion Globally in 202211/01/2022
Prepaid Card Transaction Value to Exceed $4.1 Trillion by 2026 Globally10/01/2022
Smart Hospitals to Deploy Over 7 Million Internet of Medical Things04/01/2022
Ride Sharing Spend by Consumers to Exceed $930 Billion Globally by 202613/12/2021
Nokia, Ericsson & Druid Software Top Juniper Research Private Networks Competitor Leaderboard07/12/2021
Mobile Money Transaction Values to Exceed $870 Billion in Emerging Markets by 202606/12/2021
CPaaS Market Value in North America to Reach $15 Billion by 202601/12/2021
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White papers

TitleDate ▼
Smart Cities ~ Technologies Shaping the Urban Future17/01/2022
Omnichannel and the New eCommerce Payments Experience10/01/2022
Prepaid Cards ~ Advancing Financial Inclusion17/12/2021
What Will the Subscription Economy Deliver in 2022?16/12/2021
Top Ten Tech Trends 2022 Whitepaper10/12/2021
What’s the Next Destination for Ride Sharing?07/12/2021
The New Wave of Fintech Innovation in Emerging Markets26/11/2021
The Fastest-growing Telco Opportunities in 202223/11/2021
It’s Electric ~ Powering the Automotive Sensors Market23/11/2021
Fraudulent SMS Activity: A Telco Pandemic18/11/2021
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