‘Invisibility’ Central to $80bn Wearable Market by 2020

Free report available for download from the New Juniper Research website

Hampshire, UK:  Tuesday, 25th February 2015:  Juniper Research, the leading high-tech analyst house, has revealed the key technologies that it believes will become the most disruptive by 2020. The new report ‘The World in 2020 – A Technology Vision’ is being offered as a free download in celebration of the launch of its new online research platform.

The report argues that invisible wearables (i.e. wearables indistinguishable from non-smart technology) are likely to see significant adoption before the end of the decade. Within a wearables market that Juniper estimates will be worth approximately $80bn annually by 2020, fashion-first wearables will have a much greater appeal than tech-centric devices, as they will blend in with consumers’ lives more effectively.

However, the report points out that this will not be a strategy that every wearables company will pursue, as the appearance of tech may ultimately become part of an overall design aesthetic.

Meanwhile, dermally-attached wearables – such as biostamps - are in a more embryonic state, and require a more significant shift in consumer habits than accessories-based wearables, limiting their adoption among general consumers for the foreseeable future.

The new report ‘The World in 2020 – A Technology Vision’ examines the following developing technologies:
  • Biometrics
  • Drones
  • Real-Time Translation
  • Augmented Reality Wearables
  • Desktop 3D Printing
  • Invisible Wearables
  • Advanced Driver Assistance
  • 5G/Internet of Everything
  • RNA Sequencing
  • Wireless Area Charging
  • Self-Driving Cars 
. . . and is available as a free download from www.juniperresearch.com.
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