Future Digital Awards for Technology & Innovation 2018 Winners Announced

Hampshire, UK: 18th June 2018: Companies at the forefront of new developments across an array of leading technological categories have been honoured in this year’s Juniper Research Future Digital Awards.

The award winners and runners-up in each category were as follows:

  • Smart Wearables – Best Consumer Product
    • Winner – Jacquard Google
    • Highly Commended – Omni Smart Cycling Helmet Coros
  • Smart Wearables – Best Platform/Technology
    • Winner – Firstbeat Firstbeat Technologies Oy
    • Highly Commended – Infini-tex Infini-tex
  • Smart Homes – Best Consumer Product
    • Winner – Aura Cognitive Systems Corp
    • Highly Commended – Nokia Sleep Nokia
  • Smart Homes – Best Platform/Technology/Service Offering
    • Winner – Duplex Google
    • Highly Commended – Z-Wave 700-Series Sigma Designs
  • Digital Health – Best Consumer Product
    • Winner – MyEye 2 OrCam
    • Highly Commended – AliveCor AliveCor Inc.
  • Digital Health – Best Platform/Technology
    • Winner – BPMpathway 270 Vision
    • Highly Commended – Deep 6 AI, Deep 6 AI
  • Automotive & Telematics – Best Consumer Product
    • Winner – Quanergy LiDAR Quanergy
    • Highly Commended – Audi AI Traffic Jam Pilot Audi
  • Automotive & Telematics – Best Technology/Service Offering
    • Winner – Argus Cybersecurity Suites Argus
    • Highly Commended – DRIVE Xavier Nvidia
  • Best Emerging & Disruptive Consumer Product
    • Winner – Light L16 Light
    • Highly Commended – Project Trillium arm
  • Best Emerging & Disruptive Consumer Technology/Platform
    • Winner – Duplex Google
    • Highly Commended – Computer Vision Bot Mode.ai

The Future Digital Awards are given to companies that Juniper believes have made significant progress within their sector during the previous year, and are now poised to make considerable market impact in the future.

Jacquard by Google collects Best Smart Wearables Consumer Product Award

"Our goal with Jacquard is to bring the power of information and control to you in ways that are magically simple, like an easy swipe or tap on your sleeve. We’re excited to have won this Future Digital Award and look forward to the continued expansion of our Jacquard platform." - Ivan Poupyrev, Director of Engineering for Jacquard by Google

Quanergy LiDAR takes Best Automotive & Telematics Consumer Product Prize

“This award from Juniper Research is a testament to the hard work our team has put into developing the world’s most affordable and reliable LiDAR technology,” said Dr. Louay Eldada, CEO and co-founder of Quanergy. “With momentous strides made in the autonomous vehicle space, Quanergy continues to deliver innovative solutions, including our S3 solid state LiDAR sensor, that will enable self-driving cars to reach mainstream consumers and roadways.”

BPMpathway scoops Best Smart Home Consumer Product

“Gaining recognition as the ‘Best Digital Health Platform’ from an independent organisation such as Juniper Research means so much to us and helps to justify the investment and trust our business partners have put in us to date.” – Martin Gossling, CEO & Co-founder, 270 Vision

Steffen Sorrell, panel judge and Principal Analyst at Juniper Research, said that: “Advanced technology has enabled an era of transformative products and services, and this year’s set of entries has demonstrated a desire by companies to leave no stone unturned to deliver in that context.”

Juniper Research provides research and analytical services to the global hi-tech communications sector, delivering consultancy, analyst reports and industry commentary.

For further details on the Future Digital Awards, or on Juniper’s full range of research, please contact Sam Smith, Press Relations.