NFC: Hot topic this week and it’s for more than payments...

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This week at Juniper Research we published our new report on the market opportunities for NFC.  As well, today is the last day of Oulu’s NFC Week. At the start of the week we saw the announcement that the NFC Forum and the Mobey Forum  are to collaborate on NFC to bring open standards closer. Add to this Nokia’s announcement in April about its first SIM-based NFC device (the 6216 Classic) which enables operators to build NFC services on to the SIM card - to mention just one further development - and it is clear that NFC is building up quite some momentum and excitement.

NFC’s application potential is extremely wide. A tag can be associated with a wide range of objects and the use cases are almost endless across a wide range of vertical markets.

NFC is clearly a mobile payments opportunity and the many trials, pilots and services bear strong witness to this. Most feedback has very positive ratings from consumers.

When I blogged about NFC in April I sketched out the new journey to work with NFC.  I could insert this into the new journey to work in a couple of years’ time:

·         Read the smart poster about the new sports magazine whilst I wait for the train, wave my phone to download a sample with 25% discount coupon and pay for it with my NFC phone at the news stand as I leave the station.

Yes NFC promises to change our travel and shopping experience in more ways than one!

Who needs a leather wallet anyway?!