AR: Not Just Fun and Games as Enterprise AR Set to Rise

POSTED BY Damian Kennedy
Since the release of Pokémon Go in July 2016, there has been a rising interest in the technology. Whilst meeting and managing consumer expectations of AR’s (Augmented Reality’s) capabilities is a significant challenge, consumers have begun to understand current applications of AR. Having been featured in films since the 1980s, there were worries that consumers would be let down if the content does not match up to the technologies featured in films like Minority Report, Avatar and Iron Man, not to mention classics such as Terminator and Robocop.

Furthermore, recent market movements shed light on the confidence major technology players have in the technology. For example, Apple’s acquisition of Metaio, a privately held AR development company, signals Apple’s AR intentions. Furthermore, Apple’s inclusion of 2 rear cameras in its latest flagship iPhone strengthens this view.

AR Future

Future AR opportunities will also be found in the enterprise space, where its implementation will be driven by cost and time savings, rather than motivated by direct revenue for the end user. By creating these services for their customers, companies are able to add value to an existing service and enhance the user experience rather than create an entirely new service itself.
Due to the bespoke nature of the services, there is unlikely to be a one-size-fits-all approach to the content needed, creating ample opportunity for content developers in the future.