Mobile payments....going more places

POSTED BY Global Administrator
Last week I blogged about big names like Telecom Italia and Starbucks entering mobile payments. This week sees another well known name -  Amazon - entering the space too!  Amazon Mobile Payments Service  - says the site - enables tens of millions of Amazon customers to use the existing payment and shipping information in their Amazon.com accounts to make purchases from their mobile devices. Amazon MPS can be used within a native mobile application or on a mobile website. So what's the big deal about mobile payments? Why are developments like this so important? The clue could be in Amazon's annoucement. 1 click. Use existing account information and details to make payment. Simple first-time purchase user experience. All these statements point to one thing. My point is this: mobile payments should make life easier. Of course for merchants it's all about incremental sales revenues as well as making the customer experience easier. After all, the commute must be a great time for customers to browse for and now buy that new novel to read on...well on their commute of course.