AI: Firmly rooted in Digital Advertising’s Future

POSTED BY Sam Barker
AI continues to permeate technology industries, enabling a new level of insight and prediction into consumer behaviour. Prominent acquisitions by digital advertising stakeholders, such as Apple, Amazon and Facebook, give an indication of the expectation of the technology at the highest level. If implemented correctly, the benefits that AI can bring to the digital advertising industry cannot be overstated, enhancing advertising platforms’ ability to efficiently target the correct audience and detect fraudulent advertising activities.

The use of AI for advertising purposes overlaps in many instances with the development of AI for apps. For instance, as bots and digital assistants are mechanisms for human to machine communications, the opposite may also be true, where the machine, aware of the user’s interests and so on, can be used as a tool for brand advertising. However, the use of AI in advertising extends well beyond this use case. The most notable solution is the introduction of AI which can analyse Big Data, identifying fraudulent traffic and ending it.

Furthermore, as a self learning technology, it will continue improving its efficiency by monitoring traffic including ad impressions, CTRs (click-through rates), conversion rates and measureable actions. It will also continue to learn from detection of IP (Internet Protocol) addresses and abnormal activity.

Our latest research into the Digital Advertising market, Future Digital Advertising: AI, Ad Fraud & Ad Blocking 2017-2022, explores the impact that AI will have on the digital advertising ecosystem over the next 5 years, including the reduction of ad fraud and efficient targeting.