“There’s a Mobile Coupon for that!”

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Just over a year ago, Apple was awarded a trademark for the phrase, "There's an app for that."

The idea behind the phrase was to convey that, for almost any functionality you could think of, there was a probably a mobile app already developed, ready and waiting to deliver just what you were thinking.  All you needed to do was to download the app (maybe paying for it also) and there it was – just what you wanted.

Well, we will soon be in the same position in the mobile coupons market.  With people much more cost-conscious today, the appeal of a bargain offer specially tailored to you and delivered to your own mobile phone exactly when and where you needed it (or even if you didn’t know you needed it) is very high. And that’s just what’s possible and what is beginning to happen in the mobile coupons market today.

Juniper Research has just published a new report about this vibrant market -  “Mobile Coupons Update: Ecosystem Analysis & Marketing Channel Strategy 2011-2016”. There’s plenty of information, analysis and forecasts on how mobile coupons are expected to become the most valuable form of mobile marketing over the next five years and a key enabler of the whole mobile commerce market.  Mobile coupons have even been called by some, “the killer app of mobile”.

Not surprisingly, the report reveals how mobile apps are set to become one of the major mobile marketing channels for the delivery of mobile coupons – but instead of having to pay (they are always free downloads) you get a discount off your intended purchase instead; mobile coupons from apps are a very good deal!

So perhaps "There's an app for that." is right after all.