Symbian- the M2M OS of the Future?

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Who would have  thought that the European Commission would rush to the rescue of Symbian, which has recently struggled to find its feet in the light of the Apple and Android mobile operating systems, and failing interest from handset manufacturers? For those who missed it, Symbian has been awarded €11 million (matched by Symbian partners) to develop Symbian into an OS for embedded device.

Leaving aside  the debate on whether the Commission should rescue such a technology initiative- Symbian has been struggling against the super OSes and key handset vendors including Sony Ericsson and Samsung have spurned Symbian recently- it does seem as if Symbian has won the lottery (it looks as if Symbian thinks so too, if their press release headline  is anything to go by: "Euro Millions for the Symbian Ecosystem...").

The upshot is that Symbeose, that is 'Symbian-the Embedded Operating System for Europe' will become a purpose built operating system for embedded devices, thereby becoming  central to the world of machine to machine (M2M) which (it is hoped) is where the next few billion mobile connections are going to come from.

The exact role that Symbian will play in the communications ecosystem of the future is still uncertain, though we do know that it will focus on enabling cloud based models and it looks as if it will also focus on reducing power consumption.

Juniper Research wishes Symbeose all the very best of luck. If it is able to bring a degree of standardisation to the world of M2M and connected devices it could yet play a central role in how the industry develops, and  it might also have less competition in this area than as an OS for smarphones and handsets...