Deutsche Telekom & iPass Launches WiFi Mobilize

POSTED BY Global Administrator
Data Offloading has been acknowledged by most operators as the most cost effective when rolling out future generation networks, which not only saves on heavy upgrade investments but also caters for subscriber’s intense bandwidth usage. Deutsche Telekom along with iPass recently launched a new service called WiFi Mobilize – a new network services exchange for in-country and international roaming services that enables carriers to meet the accelerating demand from their customers for data services on smartphone and tablet devices, and to optimize their network investments. This would essentially enable mobile operators and Deutsche Telekom to offload mobile data to their own WiFi networks or to their WiFi partners and also to over 500,000 iPass hotspots around the world. One major aspect of this announcement that I would like to stress upon is the international roaming aspect. In our recent report Mobile Data Offload & Onload, we highlighted roaming as an important monetisation opportunity for operators by offering the subscriber an alternative to mobile data consumption by offloading whilst roaming. If the operator can deliver services such as local country news, sports and television, to the consumer when roaming, it is an opportunity to gain additional revenue over and above the regular access fees. From a consumer perspective the value here is in cost saving when roaming. The ability to stay connected even while roaming across networks is a strong business model that can be offered as a premium service.