ASUS launches Padfone

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If you are interested in smartphone/tablet innovation, you might as well take a look at the Asus Padfone, launched on Monday at the Computex 2011.

The Padfone is an Android smartphone (screen size – 4.3 inches) which can be converted into a tablet by docking it into an inert tablet (with a 10.1 inch screen). Not only does this mean that you increase your screen size, but that you can use the additional battery life from the tablet and still have Internet connectivity. Well, this might be the first ever case where in a tablet is promoted as an accessory along with the smartphone.

The ASUS video on the same, explains that the Padfone has got 3G and WiFi connection which comes from the phone and that downloads that occur when the handset is docked, is stored within the handset rather than the tablet.

Following the launch of Motorola Atrix, it was just a matter of time someone actually came up with this concept. We believe pricing is going to play an important role in the success of Padfone. Reportedly, the tablet does not have any functionality built-in and it is the smartphone that powers the whole thing, so a decent pricing (compared to the iPad) for both the smartphone and tablet together would definitely attract consumers or improve customer retention. For now, we will have to wait till Christmas for the official pricing and device availability.