WHERE's that coupon gone?

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The capitalisation is deliberate. WHERE is an innovative new mobile coupon service that is linked in to local search. So you arrive somewhere new and can instantly obtain coupons for a meal, for the movies or however you plan to use your time. Of course it's not only coupons - it's locating particular merchants or places, traffic information, reviews and recommendations. Not forgetting the integration with social networking either. As an app it seems to tick all the boxes that a user would want. It's also available across several smartphone OS platforms - not only the Apple Appstore. Whenever I read about a new mobile coupons app, I get excited about the potential. Globally we forecast some 300 million people will be using mobile coupons within 4 years. Whilst the flexibility and attractiveness of smartphone apps makes them a great way to deliver coupons, I used to think that all the focus is on apps, but hey - they're limited in their potential from a user numbers perspective not because of anything to do with the app itself but because smartphones are distinctly in the minority as a proportion of the user base. That's why I was interested to read the blog by Doug Hurd at WHERE. He has clearly been through the same thought process and is addressing the issue by preloading onto some featurephones. But there's another factor to consider here. The sheer volume of smartphones is going to continue increasing as the price points and data plan tariffs come down. This is going to be great for app adoption potential. Oh ...and in answer to the question in the title - the coupon's on the phone of course!