Sacramento Teenager Sends More Than 300,000 Texts In Month

POSTED BY Global Administrator
Today this news item was on GMTV in the UK at breakfast time. It equates to more than 10,000 texts per day, and, as the article says, the teenager has a full time job as well – and presumably sleeps at some point. Our appetite for texting seems to grow unabated.

The UK’s Mobile Data Association has reported SMS growth of 38% in 2008, with an average of 1,213 sent per person. However the most interesting statement from the MDA was “Both SMS and MMS now have a clear place in the connected lives of UK mobile owners”.

Why was this so interesting? Well because SMS has so many uses and applications, and is especially important to the development of mobile commerce and payments including mobile coupons.

When you combine the almost universal adaptability of texting to so many applications, with the fact that those users like the teenager in Sacramento are growing up with texting as an integral part of their lives, you can easily see the market potential for mobile banking, payments and ticketing.  

I think that the 15 to 25 age group holds the key to the growth of these services and if we “fast forward” five years, we’ll be amazed how these services and others we can’t even envisage now are part of our lives. After all, the 17 and 18 year olds of 2009 will be in the world of work by then and eagerly texting to run their lives.

Footnote: like the Sacramento example, unlimited text bundles are the way to go!