PC Revival: F2P Drives the Digital Games Market

The PC games market has been part of a large-scale revival, driven by 2 major trends. Firstly, the graphical and processing capabilities offered by these devices means that PCs can offer a high fidelity experience compared to a device such as a mobile phone or even a home console. Secondly, F2P (free to play) PC games prove hugely popular with consumers, driving the uptake of games on this device. 

F2P providers have also sought to utilise the competitive and engaging nature of classic strategy titles; a good example of this is Microsoft’s Solitaire Collection. The service offers events, where players compete in weekly or daily tournaments across a range of classic titles such as Solitaire and Mahjong. The drive for competitive play also follows the increasing popularity of eSports, or competitive game tournaments, usually played for prize money. This is displayed in the F2P PC titles that we currently see leading the market, almost all of which are eSports titles which draw in millions of viewers annually.


Juniper believes that whilst the F2P market has seen growth over the past few years, opportunity exists for a continued expansion in the eSports sector, with MOBA (Multiplayer Online battle Arena) games in particular offering a popular format for competitive play. With MOBAs, progression can be accelerated through purchases, as well as allowing the use of new or special edition characters, all incentives for consumers to pay for content.

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