Think Mobile TV is Social? Think Again!

POSTED BY Global Administrator
In our recent mobile TV report, I discussed how important the wider mobile TV market was to the mobile TV industry. Not only are mobile TV services usually run by the same companies who operate traditional television networks, but consumers see them as being part of the same service. Consumers are no longer happy to view content on one device – they want to view that content across all of their devices and they don’t want to pay more for the privilege.  Just as consumers have come to expect timeshifting to be included in their package, they now also expect placeshifting to be included too. We found in the report that TV viewing on tablets would hit 3 hours per month by 2014.  What is astonishing about this is that viewing on tablets won’t cannibalise existing TV viewing; consumption on tablets will largely be in addition to that. Smartphone consumption will also add to our ever growing television habit. What is exciting about mobile TV is the way that it can add a social dimension to our television consumption. A lot of people talk about exciting shows at work the next day and social interactions on mobile devices will allow them to talk to their friends about the show while it’s airing. This is nothing new you might think, after all TV Licencing in the UK says that 46% of 18-24 are already using a second screen for social interactions while watching TV. However, social apps will put a new dimension on tradition interaction – users will be not only able to see what the twitterverse is saying about a show, but will be able to access all sorts of supplementary information at the same time. Yes, mobile TV apps will become the modern day version of your mother constantly saying, ‘Wasn’t he in that thing we watched about the murder detectives a few years ago?’ only they’ll actually know which show it was. You’ll also be able to watch that show immediately, see who else was in it, buy merchandise from it and most importantly, see what your friends have said about it. And you’ll do all this from your mobile device. Social might have stuck its foot in the door but pretty soon, it will be on your sofa, relaxing in front of the TV with you. The report Mobile TV: Applications, Devices and Opportunities 2012-2016 can be found here.