StubHub launches Android app: Analyst View

POSTED BY Global Administrator
StubHub is the world's largest ticket marketplace and is part of eBay. Last week it launched its ticketing app for Android, to follow similar apps launched last year for iPhone and iPod Touch. Ticket sales focus on the entertainment and sports market segments. True to most mobile ticketing offerings, the app offers more features than merely the ability to buy a ticket as the service aims to develop a relationship with the fans by for example enabling them to tag favourite teams. So why am I drawing attention to this launch? Well, apart from further evidence of growth in mobile ticketing, there are two specific aspects. Firstly - the FanProtect guarantee. Yes folks, the small print it maybe but actually that's a key element and can be the part that has the potential to discourage usage unless it's highlighted in this way. The approach of StubHub mirrors approaches I've seen in the mobile banking space where some banks offer the same security guarantee for mobile as for online banking, Very sensible and oh so obvious - but easily missed and the approach enjoys the advantage of user familiarity because - let's face it - most mobile users will have been online users beforehand. Secondly? Well it was the quote in the press release: “Mobile innovation is a big growth area for StubHub because our customers are asking for it,” said Ray Elias, senior director of marketing for StubHub. This only serves to underline our view here at Juniper! Considering that my guess as an analyst is that the majority of StubHub users are likely to be in their 20s and 30s, mobile is the channel to invest in.