Mobile Ticketing: Here and Now

POSTED BY Global Administrator
Recently I've written about the exciting progress we've seen in the NFC market. One of the top applications that everyone talks about for NFC is of course transport ticketing - particularly for mass transit metro type services. The mobile ticketing market, however, is very much alive and active now via different technologies from NFC. I'm talking here largely about SMS and bar codes. Bar codes are very prevalent in the airline industry with the completion of the transition to bar coded boarding passes and the delivery of mobile boarding passes, whilst the number of SMS based ticketing schemes for buses and trams is growing. However, transport is far from being the only area that we see potential in. Sporting events and especially the wider entertainment industry are already implementing mobile as a key channel to market. Cinemas are case in point. Quiz question: how many cinema tickets are issued in Europe each year? Well ok maybe it's not at the forefront of our minds but the answer, according the European Audiovisual Observatory was 981 million in 2009. Bearing in mind that every person attending will have a mobile device then there's your mobile ticket potential. Orange Wednesdays is a well known example that is very popular. Not just in the UK either by the way. Switzerland has a similar scheme except it's on a Tuesday and called Orange Cineday. And Romania. So - combine the volume of cinema attendees with a volume technology like SMS and what have you got? A large potential market - but not just for the ticket - it's a merchandising opportunity too! There are many organisations that will gain from a healthy mobile ticketing market, and our new report out today indicates where the global opportunities are.