Mobile: Just the Ticket for Transport?

POSTED BY Global Administrator
Well I guess in a similar way to many mobile commerce applications, using your mobile for ticketing is a clear use case. Our new report, published this morning, confirms our view of the prospects. The use case is similar to other growing mobile commerce applications such as banking. It's all about ease of use, convenience and generally making peoples' lives easier. If the new application ticks those boxes, then it's likely to be popular. In the case of airlines IATA's bar coded boarding pass programme which has been completed recently has provided impetus. Airlines are moving rapidly to delivering boarding passes by mobile and adding ticket purchasing. Again similarly to other mobile commerce applications, the addition of value added services over and above the basic ticket transaction increases the attractiveness of the offer in the eyes of the user: journey information, timetables, delays, loyalty to name a few. The mobile application offered by Siberia Airlines brings a new dimension. This adds to the convenience for passengers by enabling them to buy express train tickets from the airport to the city in Moscow as well as air booking. So, as our white paper title says, "Scan and Go" will increasingly be our experience - and not just when we're flying either.