Tesco Clubcard moves onto the iPhone

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From a retailing perspective the involvement of the mobile device in the shopping experience can begin well before the purchase transaction with product searches, continue through the in-store experience and then beyond: mobile therefore will play a pivotal role in both customer acquisition and customer retention. It is the retention and loyalty aspect that I want to focus on today because my Tesco Clubcard loyalty card statement this week included an opportunity for members to "turn their iPhone into a Clubcard". Presented as another way to "keep Clubcard in your pocket" with users just having to scan their phone at the checkout, the screen looks like this: 

The interesting aspect is that already I've noticed reviews containing ideas about how the app could be developed further by exploiting GPS and coupons. With Tesco having made this move, more merchants are sure to follow and apps are likely to appear for other smartphones. But this mobile loyalty development is part of a wider picture.  In future we'll see brands, retailers and merchants using highly targeted marketing campaigns by mobile to users whose preferences they know. Adding loyalty points to the device opens up this new communications channel for users who opt in.